PHOTOS MY 600 LB LIFE Lashanta White still mum on follow up, offers encouraging new weight loss pics

My 600 Lb Life Lashanta update 1

Lashanta White from My 600 Lb Life took a long time to get her weight loss journey going — but once Dr. Nowzaradan finally convinced her to change her ways, the Season 7 cast member started shedding the pounds. How is she today? We’ve got a My 600 Lb Life Lashanta update complete with her latest pics, plus new info on how to keep up with her on social media.

When viewers met Lashanta, she was at a peak weight of almost 700 pounds, and largely bed-bound due to debilitating lymphedema. Lashanta was more than willing to meet with Dr. Now at his Houston office, but couldn’t find anyone to help her make the trip. Her mother, who sometimes acted as caregiver, was unable to travel; Lashanta then broke down in tears while revealing that her boyfriend JT had left her.

Nor was everything in Lashanta’s day-to-day life an easy swing. JT was just the latest in “a life plagued by a pattern of unhealthy relationships.” And viewers were pretty uniformly shocked to hear some of the abuse Lashanta’s mother served up for her daughter — including the now-infamous line “No mom wants no fat ass daughter.”

Add in Lashanta’s confession that she had done things in her past she wasn’t proud of — the show never said what, though the implication was some sort of BBW modeling — and it was no wonder she struggled just to get on the road.

Fortunately, Lashanta’s sons stepped in and helped her out big time. Lashanta did make it to Houston, and get her orders and diet from Dr. Now…but then her weight loss journey stalled out. For the first eight months of her year in front of the cameras, Lashanta’s weight remained largely unchanged. It was only in month nine, when Dr. Now convinced her that he wouldn’t be able to help her unless she started dropping weight, that Lashanta began to take his advice and orders seriously.

In the final three months of her story, Lashanta lost an impressive 133 pounds. And she’d been approved for weight loss surgery — on the condition that she’s “able to get up and walk.”

So things definitely ended on a high note for the Louisiana native. As for the My 600 Lb Life Lashanta update? Lashanda updates her social media fairly regularly, so we’ll start with a few weight loss pics. The first comes from April 29th, a couple of weeks after her episode aired. As is often the case, Lashanta adhered to My 600 Lb Life‘s strict rules about social media pics and only shared an image from the neck up. But even there, the difference is clear:

My 600 Lb Life Lashanta update 2

And here’s the latest photo update Lashanta has offered. It’s a before-and-after pic from Mother’s Day; the “before” pic on the left isn’t dated, but the “after” shot on the right again suggests a big change:

My 600 Lb Life Lashanta update 3

“Long time since I saw my neck,” Lashanta captioned the above shot. Elsewhere, she added, “Don’t worry about nothing Lashanta got her neck back.”

Lashanta is still keeping the next chapter of her weight loss journey under pretty right control. She hasn’t revealed whether or not she’s filming a Where Are They Now? episode: to one fan who asked, Lashanta said “Plz don’t be mad with me but I Can’t discuss it right now❤️”; to another, she simply responded, “I can’t really discuss it right now.” If you’re trying to read the tea leaves, responses like those could suggest that she’s already filming, and simply sticking to Megalomedia’s rules just as she does with most of her pics. Or they could mean that Lashanta hasn’t made up her mind yet.

We do know that her social media profiles say she’s living back in New Orleans — a relatively short drive from Houston, but not directly under Dr. Now’s influence. Speaking of social media, Lashanta has a new Instagram page, which you can check out here. Her fan-specific Facebook page is still alive and well right here.

Additionally, if you need to revisit Lashanta’s My 600 Lb Life debut, you can do so via the show’s official site.

(Photo credits: My 600 Lb Life Lashanta update via Facebook, TLC)

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