MUG SHOT Shaun White arrested after trashing his Nashville hotel room

Shaun White mugshot photo after he was arrested for vandalizing his hotel room

Two-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White was arrested early this morning in Nashville, Tenessee hotel after reportedly getting drunk and trashing his room. Sources claim that after drinking himself stupid, Shaun was confronted by hotel staff. He attempted to escape to a waiting taxi, setting off several fire alarms along the way. But, before he could reach the taxi (and after also allegedly damaging a hotel phone), a citizen informed the cab driver he was calling the police. Shaun overheard the conversation and allegedly kicked the citizen before fleeing on foot!

The citizen pursued White and the two collided, knocking White into a fence and causing an injury to his head.

Shaun White

Police arrested the 26-year-old Olympian for public intoxication and vandalism, but before they took him to the slammer, they had to make a pit stop at the hospital where he was treated for his head injury. Cops say Shaun appeared to be completely wasted and smelled like alcohol at the time of his arrest.

The citizen has declined to press charges against Shaun for his hotel assault.

Meanwhile, authorities have issued arrest warrants for White after he reportedly refused to sign misdemeanor citations.

In his just-released mug shot, Shaun is sporting one hell of a black eye which makes us wonder, did the “citizen” give a full account of the incident? He claimed that Shaun bumped his head on the fence when he fell — so how did he get the shiner?

Mug shot photo: Splash News

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