Listen to Susan Boyle new song ‘Wild Horses’ from her debut album!

I Dreamed A Dream by Susan Boyle has a release date of November 24The first song from Susan Boyle’s debut has been released online and it’s a cover of the Rolling Stones classic “Wild Horses.”

I’m a big fan of this Mick Jagger and Keith Richards penned tune, but after listening to Boyle’s version I’m not sure it’s the right choice to be the first thing we hear from Susan’s studio career.

It sounds as though the production on the album is of the “adult contemporary atmospheric piano and strings Broadway” variety, which is fine and seems to suit Boyle’s classically trained vocal style. But, do they really want the world’s first non-reality show impression of Susan Boyle to be a smoothed-over and “prettified” version of a classic Rolling Stones song? Her voice sounds wonderful, especially in the higher range where it has a great, powerful clarity, but the arrangement is a little too Celiney for my taste, especially in contrast to Mick Jaggar’s original gritty performance.

We’ve had a little fun at Susan Boyle’s expense on this site (as you could probably tell from the album cover above), but she remains a great feel-good story and I’m hoping her bid at becoming a professional singer is a success. I’ll stop my Debbie Downer routine and let you hear the song for yourself – just click the little arrow beside the song title:

_ “WILD HORSES” by Susan Boyle

Whatya think?

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