Avett Brothers’ Seth Avett ends marriage after reported affair with Dexter actress Jennifer Carpenter

Jennifer Carpenter at The Los Angeles Premiere of 'Gone' at ArcLight Hollywood in Los Angeles, California.

Dexter actress Jennifer Carpenter and musician Seth Avett have reportedly been dating for the last two years. Only problem? Seth is a married man! The Avett Brothers crooner has been married to his wife Susan since 2008. Earlier today Seth announced he and Susan were parting ways amid reports that his tumultuous affair has torn his marriage apart.

Here’s the statement issued by Seth Avett on the band’s website:


To all the wonderful Avett Brothers fans…

Over the years, it has been my honor and privilege to share, through so many amazing experiences, a connection with you all that is very special to me. It is in the nature of this incredible exchange that I feel it appropriate to share a piece of personal news.

My wife and I have decided to end our marriage. We have been separated for some time. As I’m sure you will understand, this is a very difficult and painful time for us and our families. I want to wholeheartedly thank you for respecting our privacy in this matter and I ask sincerely for your prayers, support and understanding.

Much love and gratitude…

Seth Avett

The Avett Brothers' Seth Avett

“Shortly after Jennifer’s split with [Dexter co-star Michael C. Hall], she began seeing Seth. She would fly all over to his concerts to be with him,” a source tells Radar Online. “No one saw this affair coming from those closest to Seth, but he finally left his wife last winter to be with Jennifer.”

“Seth no longer sings ‘January Wedding,’ a song about his wife, at their live shows anymore and hasn’t for quite some time,” the source continues. “And the latest album released by The Avett Brothers is called The Carpenter. It’s not a coincidence.”

Another ironic happening was the mention of The Avett Brothers by Jennifer’s ex-husband Michael C. Hall on Dexter in 2011, right around the time that Jennifer and Seth’s affair is said to have begun.

“The affair was really hard on Susan, and even the band,” the source adds. “It was former band member Jacob Edwards and his wife that really put Seth on the spot for cheating. They didn’t agree with it whatsoever and were uncomfortable with the situation.”

Jennifer has made it no secret that she is a fan of Seth. In fact, she’s mentioned the band on several occasions last year. One tweet from September 11, 2012 read, “The Avett Brother’s new album The Carpenter is out TODAY!!! Treat yourself and maybe I’ll see you at one of their concerts. Haha!” Another read, “The Avett Brothers killed it in NYC!!!! It’s hard not to get rowdy when they don’t let up…!!!!”

Below is a clip of Seth and the band singing “January Wedding,” the song he wrote for his wife:

Top Photo: WENN

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