Video of Serena Williams vs. Kim Clijsters foot fault – What did Serena Williams say?

Saturday night Serena Williams lost to women’s semifinal at the United States Open to Kim Clijsters in a strange turn of events. Williams was penalized a point on match point after berating the lineswoman about a foot fault.

Serena exploded after the lineswoman called the foot fault, walking towards her aggressively and yelling. This alerted the tournament manager, Brian Earley, who came out and discussed the situation with the two women, further angering Serena Williams. A point penalty was given to Williams, and a stunned looking Kim Clijsters won the match.

It’s hard to make out exactly what Serena says to the woman, and everyone’s keeping quiet about the situation. However, it is clear that Serena says “I did not say I was going to kill you!” to the lineswoman after Brian Earley steps in.

Here’s a better shot of Serena lashing out at the lineswoman:

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