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Love During Lockup Season 2 features an unlikely inmate dater in Mark, a software engineer from Las Vegas who claims to make $600,000 a year. Why in the world would Mark be looking for love on prison dating websites?

“I’m dating incarcerated women because I’ve tried other dating sites. I haven’t had much luck,” Mark explains during his intro clip. “I just don’t see the professional crowd as a proper dating environment, and I don’t think I’m flashy enough to attract interest from these influencer model types.”

Mark also says that dating inmates is a little easier on his sizable bank account. “When a girl asks me to help her out in prison, it’s cheaper than taking her out on a date,” he says. “I’ll spend $200-$300 on an evening meal, whereas in prison, $50 can last ’em a whole week.”

Plus, there’s the added benefit of being able to date lots of women at the same time with very little chance of them ever finding out. Mark’s co-star Tai can tell you all about that!

Whereas Tai likes to use the old school police detective corkboard method with her inmate boo tracking, Mark is a little more modern with his approach. “I keep a spreadsheet of who I’m talking to in prison so I don’t lose track and make mistakes,” he explains. In addition to photos, he adds release dates, crimes, and more details for each woman into the spread sheet.

What does Mark do for a living?

“I am a chameleon and I have multiple different lives,” Marks says of himself during his Love During Lockup intro. “I am a software engineer. I like to help produce music festivals. I like to fit ten pounds of **** in a five-pound bag.”

I don’t know about promoting music festivals or overfilling a bag with an expletive, but Mark does appear to have quite the software engineering resume. His name is associated with several tech companies.

Here’s a brief bio for Mark from his appearance (along with his on-screen Love During Lockup pal Dennis Yu) on “The Homes Service Expert” podcast:

Mark Wagner is the Director of Engineering at BlitzMetrics. Mark has worked on analytics and infrastructure projects for companies such as Nike and Viacom. He is deeply involved in training for digital marketing agencies and local service businesses, and has been a speaker at numerous events and organizations, including the Traffic & Conversion Summit, New York Marketing Association, VendastaCon, and Trend Digital.

Mark is also connected to Gantry Technologies, LLC. In addition to being listed as a managing member for the business, Mark is described as a the Devops Architect on the business’s website. (I didn’t include a link because I received a “Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead” message when I tried to load it.) “Mark Wagner is a Linux engineer based in Austin, Texas who previously automated Machine Learning efforts at Wells Fargo,” his bio reads.

Are you wondering what Gantry is? I will let Mark explain in a video that introduces Mark as the company’s co-founder:

Easy peasy!

Mark also has his own blog where he posts articles like “How to hack someones macbook data and track them forever (in 5 minutes)” and “‘Anti-Lawyer’ Byron Browne is a joke.”

Love During Lockup Mark Wagner on social media

If you’re looking to keep up with Mark on social media, I’ve got a few links for you. His Instagram account is currently under @skiwheelr. In case he changes his user name to something like @MarkLoveDuringLockup or @CagedLadiesChaser, here is one of his posts:

Mark uses the same @skiwheelr ID on Twitter and TikTok.

To see how Mark’s prison dating adventures play out this season, be sure to tune in for new episodes of Love During Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv!

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