BEFORE THE 90 DAYS SPOILERS Are Rachel and Jon still together?

Before the 90 Days Jon and Rachel

Before the 90 Days season 2 stars Rachel Bear from Albuquerque, New Mexico met Jon Walters from England via an online karaoke app. Since then, the two have fallen head over heels in love, and have been over-the-top with their PDA by sharing their relationship journey on numerous social media platforms. That is something they continue to do, and every indication is that these two goobers are still just as smitten with each other as they ever were! In other words, they DEFINITELY appear to still be together, although they are probably not together physically.

UPDATE – Well blimey! According to court records, Jon and Rachel are already married! Click the link for the details.

Jon, 34, and Rachel, 33, did stir up a bit of a controversy with the 90 Day Fiance fan base last week because it appears as though they may have been engaged prior to filming Before the 90 Days. You can click here for all the evidence supporting that theory, which includes an Irish Claddagh ring sent by Jon and worn by Rachel in such a way that it suggests they are engaged to be married. There was also speculation that the two may have met prior to Rachel and daughter Lucy’s trip to the UK in December, as filmed by TLC. I could find no evidence to support that theory, and a good bit of evidence that seems to contradict it — all included in the link above.

Jon and Rachel also look to have launched a GoFundMe campaign last year to help fund her trip to the UK prior to being cast on Before the 90 Days. That campaign was later shut down, and it is unclear how much money was raised or what happened to it. Once again, all of that info can be found in the link above.

Jon and Rachel’s story is interesting because of his difficulties getting a travel visa due to his criminal history, which Rachel says has something to do with a fight he was in while attending college. I can’t imagine that if Jon was unable to acquire a travel visa to visit the United States that he would have any better luck getting a K-1 visa approved. That would seem to leave two options open to the couple: either get married in England and then apply for a CR-1 visa (like Nicole tried to do and Azan pretended to try to do), or Rachel would need to move to England.

TLC recently announced a brand new 90 Day Fiance spin-off The Other Way (working title) documenting Americans leaving the US to live abroad with their significant others, and I would assume that they would want at least one couple that viewers are already familiar with to be on the inaugural season. Perhaps that will be Jon and Rachel?

One major stumbling block for that would seemingly be Rachel’s children. It doesn’t appear that the father of her eight-month-old daughter Rachel is a big part of her life, but she was married to the father of her seven-year-old daughter for three years. Regardless of how involved he is, I cannot imagine him signing off on allowing his daughter to move to England! I suppose it would be conceivable if there were guarantees about visitation — like summers in the US or something similar. I’m really getting ahead of myself here!

You can follow along with Rachel and Jon on social media, where they are VERY active and have indicated that they will remain so throughout the course of the season. Here are the two main links you can use to #followthefairytail:

Instagram: @FollowOurFairyTale


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