MY UNORTHODOX LIFE $850,000 Julia Haart lawsuit dropped by Silvio Scaglia

My Unorthodox Life star Julia Haart has one less thing to worry about!

Her estranged husband Silvio Scaglia has dropped the $850,000 lawsuit he filed against her earlier this year.

A short marriage for Haart and Scaglia

The first season of My Unorthodox Life showed a happier side to Haart and Scaglia. The two started dating in 2016, when Haart was hired to be creative director of La Perla.

They instantly became a ‘power couple.’

He was the CEO [of La Perla]. So he was there a lot. The first year of our interaction was me yelling at him. I was horrible to him. But I had a lot of respect for him…and when I yelled at him, he took it like a man. That made me happy.

Julia Haart and Silvio Scaglia

Video from their wedding is jaw dropping. Doesn’t look like money was an issue with the couple when they planned their June 2019 nuptials.

Even though the pair had the picture perfect wedding, trouble was looming.

Haart and Scaglia divorce

In season two of My Unorthodox Life we get to witness a pivotal moment between Scaglia and Haart. Silvia fires Julia as CEO of Elite World Group.

In response, just a few hours later, Julia files for divorce.

The two are now embattled in an ugly fight, a topic Starcasm touched on earlier this year:

MY UNORTHODOX LIFE Haart daughters enjoy single life amid mom Julia’s multimillion dollar divorce

$850,000 lawsuit against Julia Haart

Part of their ongoing battle included a lawsuit against Haart for $850,000.

Scaglia accused the My Unorthodox Life star of illegally withdrawing the amount from their shared account after being terminated as CEO. He alleges she misappropriated funds after finding out about the divorce.

While she’s (likely) relieved by the suit being dropped, Haart does believe there are ulterior motives at play.

In a statement given on December 14th, the Jewish star told TMZ:

I believe the fact that Silvio withdrew these cases with prejudice, meaning dismissed permanently, on the day discovery was due, speaks volumes. No money was paid by me and I intend to continue to pursue my fraud and defamation litigation against Silvio and others named in those cases. Now my focus and priority is to heal through the strength and support of my family and to continue to build businesses that will empower others.

Lawsuits between Scaglia and Haart

This isn’t the only lawsuit Silvio Scaglia has brought upon Haart. He’s also alleging she stole a $401,500 Bentley that was owned by their company.

Julia Haart has countered with suits of her own; currently suing estranged husband Silvio for $257M amid their brutal separation, which also has included restraining orders.


It doesn’t appear that their divorce will be settled any time soon, but one less allegation against Julia Haart is a win.

The My Unorthodox Life star, who calls Jill Zarin her “sister,” can currently be seen on season two of the original Netflix reality series.

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