90 DAY FIANCE Jonathan cancels green card support for Fernanda, seems pretty happy about it

90 Day Fiance Jonathan and Fernanda update - he cancels green card sponsorship

It doesn’t look like there is any hope of 90 Day Fiance Season 6 couple Jonathan and Fernanda getting back together as he shared a joyful photo on Instagram announcing that he has withdrawn his sponsorship for Fernanda’s green card.

In the main photo from the gallery (above, minus Fernanda), Jonathan can be seen leaping and clicking his heels as he smiles from ear to ear. “That feeling you get when cancel the I-184 (affidavit of support) #ticketcanceled & you finish your first complete design renovation!” he captioned the gallery.

The affidavit of support is for the sponsor of someone seeking a green card. It is an assertion that the sponsor (Jonathan in this case) has the financial means to “maintain the intending immigrants and the rest of his household at 125 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.” The sponsorship generally precludes the immigrant from receiving certain Federal, state, or local means-tested public benefits. Those costs will instead be imposed upon the sponsor. This financial responsibility remains for ten years after the green card is approved.

Jonathan responded to a few comments, but he did little more than debunk the notion that Fernanda would have an easy time getting a US visa through her family, and hint that fans will be seeing more about what happened “soon.” Here are his interactions:

COMMENTER 1: you shouldn’t cancel it if you agreed to it to bring her here. make grown up choices, deal with grown up consequences.

COMMENTER 2: he has every right to cancel it. He brought her here to love her and be with her and support her, SHE made the grown up choice to leave him (aka that support) therefore she should deal with the consequences. He kept his end of the deal, she did not.

COMMENTER 3: if they were 2 Americans who split support would still be expected so why is it looked at different because she’s not .

JONATHAN: because if it were two Americans, you wouldn’t be responsible for 10 years post divorce.

COMMENTER 4: when do we hear what happened with you two?


COMMENTER 5: So what happens to her now?

COMMENTER 6: probably get a work visa now. Her dad is actually an American citizen. She just couldn’t get everything approved before. ??‍♀️

JONATHAN: not exactly.

COMMENTER 7: Too bad you can’t take back the boobs you paid for lol. Congratulations

JONATHAN: don’t need them.

90 Day Fiance Jonathan and Fernanda break up

So what does this mean for Fernanda? Will she be deported? We addressed this same exact issue at length after 90 Day Fiance star Molly Hopkins and Luis Mendez had a nearly identical split. Unlike Danielle and Mohamed, Luis and Molly’s split is just like Jonathan and Fernanda’s in that Luis had yet to receive his green card when the couple broke up. (Mohamed already had his green card when he and Danielle famously split.)

Here is an excerpt from our previous post explaining Luis and Molly’s situation:

My knowledge of the immigration process as it relates to the K-1 visa is limited, but the very knowledgeable redditor @CatherineAm offered up an in-depth analysis on the Molly and Luis case on the r/90DayFiance subreddit. (Included in its entirety below.) The “too long, didn’t read” summary she provides up front about Luis’ situation is that “unless he’s going for a domestic abuse claim, he’s very unlikely to have gotten his green card before they split, and is less likely (like, 0% chance) to get it now. He’ll be here illegally, subject to deportation, or leave on his own.”

She iterates that Luis’ case is completely different from Mohamed’s in that Mohamed applied for his green card and received it prior to his divorce from Danielle. In other words, it is much, much easier to not give someone a green card than to take one away…

…As you are probably aware if you read my post about their divorce, I was under the impression that Luis’ sponsor would still be on the hook for him for the next ten years if he remains in the country. Apparently that is not the case — @CatherinAm points out that the sponsorship can be withdrawn right up until the point where Luis receives his green card. And if the sponsorship is withdrawn, then no green card.

Unlike her co-stars Larissa and Luis, we haven’t seen any evidence of domestic violence in Fernanda’s relationship with Jonathan, so it would be a big surprise if she tries to use that tactic. (Like Luis and potentially Larissa.)

Based on all of this research, I would assume that Fernanda will more than likely be deported. However, the fact that Luis has since remarried and is currently living in New Jersey has me questioning the whole deportation process altogether. I am apparently naive in thinking that playing around with immigration is very serious business. It seems you can BS your way into the United States and then just chill and live it up while the system takes its time catching up with you.

Speaking of chilling and living it up, that seems to be exactly what Fernanda is doing as she continues to pursue her modeling career in Chicago. And by “pursuing her modeling career,” I simply mean having someone else take her sexy Instagram photos and videos instead of just herself:

In all fairness, I think Fernanda’s chest is technically Jonathan’s “first complete design renovation.” ?

On an almost completely unrelated side note, I have to give mad props to Jonathan’s first design renovation! I think it is a little metrosexual for my personal taste, but it seems to match Jonathan’s style perfectly — and it looks phenomenal! (Props should also go to photographer Jody Johnson of Photorad Photography.)

I should point out that I think Fernanda’s chest is technically Jonathan’s “first complete design renovation.” ?

Regardless, here’s the full gallery of Jonathan’s most recent reno:

OK Bravo, if you ever want to do a show called Three Hundred Thousand Dollar Listing: Lumberton, we’ve got your first cast member!

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