Life After Lockup Marcelino Santiago arrested for domestic violence in 2013, later dismissed

Marcelino Santiago Love After Lockup arrested for domestic battery

Love After Lockup: Life after Lockup star Marcelino Santiago has talked several times on the show about his unfortunate relationship history prior to courting his current wife Brittany. However, the 41-year-old reality star hasn’t really shared any specifics, so we are left trying to fill in the blanks a little for you. In addition to accidentally marrying his cousin, Marcelino was also involved in an apparently tumultuous relationship with a younger woman back in 2013. After living together for less than two months, police were called to the couple’s residence and Marcelino was booked for battery constituting domestic violence!

According to the police report, Marcelino and his girlfriend had been “dating on and off again for the last two months and living together for the last six weeks” in his Las Vegas apartment at the time of the incident. The police report states that it was Marcelino who eventually called police, but because his girlfriend showed actual “visible injuries,” police booked Marcelino. (This situation sounds very similar to the domestic battery arrest of 90 Day Fiance star Larissa dos Santos Lima, which was also in Las Vegas.)


Police spoke with both Marcelino and his girlfriend at the scene, and the two had very different accounts of what happened. Marcelino told officers “he never placed his hands on [his girlfriend]” and that she “instigated the entire incident and slapped him in the face and kicked him in the groin because he would not give her house keys.” The report notes that there were “no visible marks on Santiago.”

Marcelino’s girlfriend says the altercation was about money she had won while gambling earlier in the evening. She told police she informed Marcelino that “she gave the money to a friend so that she would not lose her gambling winnings.” She said Marcelino was angry that she wouldn’t give him the money.

“The argument turned physical when Santiago threw [her] down by her neck, causing reddening on her neck, near her chin.” The report also indicated that she “suffered a cut behind her right ear with bleeding as a result of the incident.”

The case dragged out for more than three months, including one bench warrant for Marcelino’s arrest after he apparently failed to appear at his arraignment. That warrant was later quashed.

In late August of 2013, a judge dismissed the case.

I want to emphasize that this appears to be a he said/she said case in which the charge against Marcelino was dismissed.

I did a little research into Marcelino’s ex girlfriend, who is eight years younger than Marcelino, and it seems he had a thing for bad girls well before courting Brittany in prison. Since 2013, Marcelino’s ex has spent time in prison and substantial time on probation for charges that include grand larceny, forgery, and battery.

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