Love After Lockup Glorietta’s ex Alexander Bentley arrested again

Love After Lockup Glorietta's ex Alex Bentley arrest 2021

Love After Lockup‘s Alexander Bentley is back behind bars in California. Glorietta’s ex was booked by Elk Grove Police on Monday for an outstanding warrant. He is currently listed as being in custody and is designated as “ineligible for bail.”

Looking through police and court records I’ve been able to piece together a narrative for Alexander’s latest booking. On February 2, Alex was observed shoplifting by a loss prevention officer and he was detained. When they did a check on Alex, they found out that he was on probation. It was also revealed that Alex had “previously been served a trespass notice for the location.” A “probation search” of Alex “led to the discovery of burglary tools.”

It is unclear what the business was that Alex was allegedly trying to shoplift from, but the police report narrows it down to a street and a block. The only major retailer at that location is a Walmart.

Alex had an arraignment scheduled for April 26, but he was a no show. As a result, a warrant was issued for his arrest due to a failure to appear.

On Monday, Alex “was contacted during a call for service.” A record check turned up the outstanding warrant. Alex was arrested and taken to jail.

The only charge currently listed in court records is a single misdemeanor count of larceny. The bigger concern for Alexander is the probation violation. Alex’s most recent conviction was in April of last year after he pleaded no contest to felony counts of possession of a controlled substance and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Being convicted of the two felonies was a relatively positive thing for Alex because he was initially facing nine felony counts! In case you missed it, Alex was pulled over for expired plates in November of 2019. Once police found out Alex was on probation, they conducted a search of his pick up and allegedly found a gun, ammunition, heroin, and meth.

Prior to the firearm possession arrest, Alex was booked for shoplifting at a Kohls August 17, 2019. A search turned up heroin in Alex’s possession. He was later convicted of larceny after pleading no contest. The drug possession charge was dismissed.

For those of you wanting a little refresher on Alex’s time on the show, here is a scene with him and Glorietta discussing wedding vows:

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