SISTER WIVES Ysabel moved in with Maddie

18-year-old Ysabel Brown, who is the fourth child of Kody and Christine Brown, has moved across the country to live with her sister Maddie Brush and her family in North Carolina. Ysabel’s mom Christine is also in transition as she has listed her Flagstaff, Arizona home for sale.

Maddie is Janelle’s second child with Kody. Although they don’t share the same mother, they have grown up very close to each other. When the family lived in Utah they all shared the same house, and they spent several years together in a close-knit cul-de-sac in Las Vegas.

Maddie had already started her own family with Caleb Brush and moved out when the family moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, where they have found themselves dispersed and disconnected despite owning a large property to build on called Coyote Pass.

Maddie shared the news on August 12 with the photo above of herself and Ysabel with Maddie’s kids Axel and Evie, and this caption: “Added another Brown to our East Coast tribe! YSABEL IS MOVING IN!! 🎉”

Ysabel also shared some photos of Instagram and said that she’s “so excited to start my new life in a beautiful place with a beautiful family.”

Last year Ysabel spent time at Maddie’s house recuperating from spinal surgery to treat severe scoliosis. In the past Ysabel has expressed an interest in moving to North Carolina for school, something dad Kody wasn’t happy to hear as he doesn’t like when any of his 18 children move far away after becoming legal adults.

Kody did not travel to help Ysabel with her back surgery, citing COVID as the reason. In a heartbreaking moment from that time that aired on last season of Sister Wives, Ysabel burst into tears when Kody tried to convince her to wait on the back surgery despite the fact that she reporting pain levels of 10 out of 10. He told her that she would have to go to the surgery alone if she did not wait for him to be ready to go with her. At that time Christine reassured Ysabel that she would not have to get surgery alone, and ultimately traveled with her daughter to help her through the surgery.

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