LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Daonte evicted? Wages garnished? Plus CeCe’s felony court case update!

Love After Lockup Daonte Sierra evicted

On the previous season of Life After Lockup, Lindsey Downs discovered that her boyfriend Daonte had a less-than-favorable credit rating. Daonte’s credit rating has likely gotten even worse after he was sued late last year and a writ of eviction was issued last month!

@MerryPants on Instagram shared a post this week revealing that a Newport News company that appears to be an apartment complex filed an unlawful detainer civil suit against Daonte in November of 2022. Online court records indicate that the principal amount in question was $2,874.00 plus $380 in damages.

Judgment was issued in favor of the apartment complex on January 6, and a writ of eviction was issued on January 25.

In addition to being involved with the recent writ of eviction, Daonte has been the defendant in multiple other civil lawsuits over the past few years.

In May of 2022, Daonte was sued by a Virginia-based automobile financing company for a principal amount of $6,630.33 plus 20.01 percent interest from October 1, 2021.

There was a default judgment in favor of the financing company in September of 2022. The financing company filed for a garnishment in October of 2022. That case has a hearing set for March 3, 2023.

Prior to the May, 2022 lawsuit, Daonte was sued by Auto Credit of Virginia for $1,490.22 plus interest in June of 2014. Daonte lost that suit as well and there were two garnishment filings as a result.

There was also a motion for judgment for $2,732.19 plus interest successfully filed against Daonte by a furniture company late last year.

I’m not sure how it’s possible, but there was another Florida-based residential company that seemed to file an unlawful detainer against Daonte almost monthly from May of 2017 to October of 2018.

Love After Lockup Daonte evictions

Daonte has seemingly responded to the eviction news on social media by vaguely dismissing recent news about him as being overblown. He promises to share the real story when he launches his “Dive Into It With D” YouTube channel soon.

Love After Lockup Daonte's new girlfriend CeCe arrest details

Daonte’s girlfriend CeCe court case update

In addition to the information about Daonte’s connection to last month’s writ of eviction, @MerryPants also shared an update on the felony charge against his girlfriend, CeCe (aka Kathie).

In case you missed it, CeCe was charged with a felony count of “stolen property — receiving and concealing — motor vehicle” in January of 2022. That case was later dismissed in April of 2022.

However, CeCe was ALSO charged with embezzlement of more than $1,000 and less than $20,000 in June of 2021. This is likely the case that CeCe’s husband referenced in his social media comments after Daonte revealed he and CeCe were dating.

“Someone tell Daonte to tell my wife ‘cece,’ Kathie that I want a divorce,” the estranged husband wrote. “The police are looking for her. She stole $20,000 from some Family Dollar job in Michigan. I just want a divorce, he can deal with all the drama she has in her life.”

CeCe’s embezzlement case is still active with the next pre-trial hearing scheduled for March 8, 2023.

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