SISTER WIVES Gwendlyn Brown says dad Kody physically abused her and left bruises

Gwen Brown

Gwendlyn Brown’s recap of Season 17, Episode 10 of Sister Wives, the one where Kody said Christine’s leaving felt like a “knife in the kidneys,” ended in emotion and a startling revelation: Kody has been physically abusive towards her in the past to the point of leaving bruises.

Gwendlyn has said before that Kody is more harsh towards his family off-screen than he is on-screen. During the Q & A at the end of her reaction Gwen revealed that the audience is starting to see a side of Kody that he has kept hidden before

Gwen says that he has screamed at her the way he screamed at Christine onscreen before. This is new on-screen behavior for Kody, but according to Gwen he has been like this behind the scenes for awhile.

She then answered a question asking if Kody has ever been physically abusive to anyone in the family.

“So, yes,” Gwen says before specifying that in her opinion spanking is physical abuse. She believes that there are other ways to discipline children that won’t leave them emotionally scared.

For her, she says this type of punishment from Kody went really far. “I remember personally being bruised a few times [when] my Dad would spank me.” She goes further to say that her dad would sometimes punish her by throwing her into the air.

UPDATE: Gwen’s video is now live on YouTube.

This reaction is currently on her Patreon account. She usually publishes her reactions on YouTube a few days after sharing an early version of them on Patreon.

In a recent Q & A with her fiancé Beatriz on YouTube, Gwen and Bea discussed how Bae doesn’t appreciate how Kody speaks to Gwen.

“I don’t like the way that he talks to you at all,” Beatriz said about Kody. While she said Kody was “interesting” and “fun,” she noted that he doesn’t know how to respectfully talk to his family members. “And one in particular I care too much for to have somebody talk to in mean manners,” she concluded.

Beatriz shares her opinion about Kody at the 1:56 mark of the video below:

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