Daonte’s girlfriend CeCe (Kathie) arrest details. And she’s married?! LOVE AFTER LOCKUP

Love After Lockup Daonte's new girlfriend CeCe arrest details

Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup alum Daonte Sierra recently confirmed he has new girlfriend named CeCe, and the two of them made their social media debut together in a series of Instagram live videos after the Season finale of Life After Lockup revealed Daonte and Lindsey were split.

As you might imagine given Daonte’s extensive history of treating the US prison system as his version of Tinder, many of his followers couldn’t help but ask whether or not CeCe has a criminal history. “No! She is not a past convict!” Daonte insisted. “Everybody listen to that!”

Daonte and CeCe going public with their relationship inspired a comment from someone with several rather shocking claims. Mary from Kiki & Kibbitz shared a screen cap of the comment in a new video (embedded below), but redacted the commenter’s name. “Someone tell Daonte to tell my wife “cece,” [name redacted] that I want a divorce,” the man wrote. Wait, what?! CeCe is married?! But wait!

“The police are looking for her,” the comment continues, “she stole $20,000 from some Family Dollar job in Michigan. I just want a divorce, he can deal with all the drama she has in her life.”

WOW! That’s A LOT to unpack! We will get more info from CeCe’s alleged husband in a moment. First, I wanted to share these two photos posted by CeCe on Instagram in early 2021:

Life After Lockup Daonte's girlfriend CeCe aka Kathie with Family Dollar name tag

Daonte's girlfriend CeCe Instagram post with money stack Love After Lockup

Mary reached out to the commenter and got some additional info, including a series of alleged text message exchanges between CeCe (real name Kathie) and the man. There’s also a DM that the man allegedly sent to Daonte! It is A WHOLE MESS y’all! Here’s the full video:

Mary says that CeCe and her husband were together for eight years and have “at least two children” together.

CeCe’s Arrests

Daonte adamantly insisted that CeCe is not an ex-con in his intro video, and technically he may be right. However, that doesn’t mean CeCe hasn’t had her fair share of legal problems! Mary discovered, and court records confirm, that CeCe has been charged with criminal offenses at least twice — once in Florida and another time in Michigan.

CeCe’s Florida charge was for driving without a valid license way back in April of 2012. Here’s her mug shot photo from that incident:

Love After Lockup Daonte Sierra's girlfriend CeCe aka Kathie arrest

We obtained a copy of the original citation, and it indicates that CeCe’s Florida driver’s license had expired the month before, which is her birth month. Court records indicate that CeCe was booked and bonded out the same day. I’m a bit surprised that police would actually book someone when their license had expired just weeks before? The citation says there was no crash or anything else other than the expired license.

CeCe showed up for her court date in May and presented a valid driver’s license. The case was dismissed.

CeCe’s Felony Charge

In contrast to the Florida charge, CeCe picked up a criminal charge in Michigan late last year that was much more serious. In October of 2021 she was charged with a felony count of “stolen property — receiving and concealing — motor vehicle.”

CeCe was arraigned in January, and the charge was dismissed in April.

It doesn’t appear that CeCe has any pending charges related to her estranged husband’s allegation that she took money from a Family Dollar.

CeCe’s Evictions

It doesn’t seem that CeCe’s red flags in regards to her criminal history are enough to “stop the bus” on their relationship, but she has some other financial red flags that may be a bigger concern.

In her video, Mary reveals that CeCe has multiple eviction proceedings that have been filed against her. In CeCe’s defense, the filings against her were all made more than a decade ago.

As usual, I wish Daonte nothing but the best! Just like the times he was in relationships with Nicolle an Lindsey, I hope he is able to find his happily ever after with CeCe (aka Kathie). Meanwhile… any bets on whether or not #CeCeonte will outlast #Blaindsey? 🤔

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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