LHHATL Is J-Nicks Tiarra’s baby daddy? He denies it as she teases secret photos

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Is J-Nicks Tiarra’s baby daddy? And, if it’s not him, just who is Tiarra’s baby daddy? Love & Hip Hop Atlanta viewers have been in a tizzy over these questions for the past few days, thanks to a swirl of rumors about whether Scrapp DeLeon is the child’s father. Making matters more confusing for fans (and a whole lot more fun for her) is the fact that Tiarra / Tia Becca has shared a string of photos of herself and her man–with the man’s face conveniently blurred out.

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Tiarra revealed her surprise pregnancy during the LHHATL Season 5 finale–but she hasn’t shared the identity of the child’s father, and that’s led to some serious speculation (and even a few serious threats) from fans and cast mates alike. Initially, all Tiarra said was that she was both pregnant and recently married–”to a man named Brian,” she revealed, in a recent interview (which you can hear right here)–but not that the man who’d gotten her pregnant was her new husband. This was a surprise for many LHHATL viewers, who knew only that Tia had been with Scrapp until he was sent to prison, and had been getting close and personal with J-Nicks in the weeks since.

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Then, the puzzle pieces shifted. Inquisitr pointed out that J-Nicks seemed a likely candidate for the child’s father, since, by Tia Becca’s own admission, the baby’s father wanted to name his little girl “Brya Denver Shaw,” and J-Nick’s real name is Brian Shaw. (Seems like kind of a giveaway.) That might have been mere trollery on Tia’s part, though, since Bossip later revealed that the child’s father *is* in fact her Tia’s husband.

J-Nicks, however, says that that man is not him–and he made his declaration to none other than Twitter, that public-est of public spaces, itself:

Tia Becca, for her part, has been having fun with her followers by sharing photos of her man with his face blurred out or blocked completely. If you compare his many tattoos to J-Nicks’ ink, it doesn’t quite look like they’re the same person–and J-Nicks’ goatee looks like it might be a bit longer than the mystery man’s. Still, they definitely look like the same person if you really want to believe they are:

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s 5th season comes to a close Monday night on VH1.

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