Alaska The Last Frontier’s Jane Kilcher praises Atz Lee, takes haters behind the woodshed in latest update

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The latest Alaska The Last Frontier Atz Lee update involves the man himself, but fans of the show have been somewhat taken aback to note that the bulk of the information comes from Atz’s wife Jane Kilcher. A string of rumors and gossip has surrounded the couple for months–and Jane decided to set the record as straight as she possibly could!

Before we delve into Jane’s Facebook update, though, it’s worth sharing a few of Atz’s more beautiful (and notable) nature updates from the past few weeks. At this time last year, Alaska The Last Frontier was just starting to air episodes involving Atz’s horrifying accident and the serious medical issues left in its wake. Atz has discussed his accident on social media before, but it looks like the show will get even more specific, for viewers left wondering what exactly happened:

Furthermore, though he hasn’t addressed the matter specifically, several of his recent updates appear aimed at the somewhat long-standing rumor that he and Jane are considering a split:

Loving winter and the back country with my best friend and partner for life @janekilcher ! Love you girrl!??

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My lovely fisherwoman @janekilcher Getting the job done! 200 lb halibut makes a lot of good eats. ???

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But, again: Atz isn’t the most loquacious guy in the world. And Jane Kilcher is hardly known for being talkative, either. So it came as something of a surprise to see Mrs. Kilcher take to Facebook for an out-of-the-blue update involving all manner of rumors regarding herself and Atz’s relationship, Shane and Kelli’s time on the show, and the general stream of trolls she has to deal with as a member of one of the most prominent families on reality TV.

Without further ado, then, here’s Jane Kilcher taking on all comers:

Tomorrow is a special episode about Atz Lee after a regular episode (of which I’m hardly featured ???lol)… I have to say I am in shock of all the hate towards someone who is so poetic, nonjudgememtal, and genuinely a person that speaks from the heart.. our show films us like 200 hours that go into a 42 minute episode… on average …. our editors can in no way capture all that happens in our lives… my husband had a horrible accident, broke 26 bones and in his recovery tackled a life long goal of building a cabin in prime hunting country for our family… THERE is no selfishness in what he is doing.. Shane and Kelli are not living on the homestead right now… they are not ready for help,they have logs that take a year to cure…. when they are ready to make the move 100% , family will be there to help. I am constantly shocked by the awful comments internet trollers make. Thank god I keep the kids off the show for the most part … it’s terrible to be judged when you are a part of a family show where so much love and accomplishment happens …no one in our family deserves the hate and ugly comments… we are a beautiful family that works hard, we share our lives as honestly as possible considering it’s still a tv show… AND if you think I’m a whiner… guess what… I’ve got way more whining coming … and if you think my husband is a whiner you are just dead wrong … Please watch with an open mind and know I am in love with someone that blows me away … at least weekly ❤ lol

Phew! After reading that, it should be obvious to fans and detractors alike that Atz Lee and Jane are in as solid a place as they’ve ever been as a couple. And it sounds like they expect things to be just fine going forward, too.

Alaska The Last Frontier Season 6 continues Sunday nights at 9 on Discovery.

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