LHHH Alexis Skyy and Solo Lucci reportedly kept it professional for the cameras, but then the sex started behind his baby mama’s back

Alexis Skyy and Solo Lucci 2

Reportedly, the upcoming fourth season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood will feature Alexis Skyy and Solo Lucci at first working together and then getting together for some very real intimacy. But their alleged sexual relationship appears to have come at the expense of Solo’s baby mama, who he may have misled about both the show and his intentions from the very beginning.

According to some new tea just spilled by Fameolous, the messy story breaks down like this. About three-and-a-half weeks ago, new LHHH cast members Alexis Skyy and Solo Lucci did some filming in the recording studio; the two “were only supposed to be dealing with [each other] for the purpose of the show.” But things didn’t stay professional: since then, the two have allegedly begun both “sleeping together and living together,” despite the fact that, according to Solo’s baby mama, “it was supposed to be fake.”

The other woman, whose name is Sara Scott (you can request an IG follow here), is apparently devastated. She “agreed to go along with” the relationship initially because “it was supposed to be just to get him on LHHH so he could be a better provider and get his music out.” (The two have a child together, and “have been together for almost 5 years.”)

Here’s a photo of Solo:

Alexis Skyy and Solo Lucci 5

Sure enough, Alexis began showing up in Solo’s Instagram feed around three-and-a-half weeks ago. The capture below is of a photo of Alexis that he shared, with the caption “I Swear she Blessed ?? Wait For It.. #WCE.” Make sure you check out Alexis’ comments to the right:

Alexis Skyy and Solo Lucci 6

Sara made a few other claims, none of which look good for anyone. One is that Alexis apparently misled her by “act[ing] like she was my friend” and telling her she “could come work at [Alexis’] spa in LA when she opened it.” Another claim is that Sara knows Alexis form way back–but not under ideal circumstances. “She and I used to work together at Folioes in Atlanta for 2 1/2 years,” Sara says, “while [Alexis] was underage and being pimped.”

For now, Sara has actually reached out to Mona Scott-Young and asked for a chance to come on the show and confront Alexis and Solo. “I’m heartbroken, my family is broken, my son cries for his dad all the time,” she said, in one of many DMs featured in the Fameolous feature. “I want to separate myself, become independent, and take care of my child.”

No word yet on whether this is all a part of Alexis Skyy and Solo Lucci’s story for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 4. If it is, though, it seems especially over-the-top for a franchise that just wrapped up the endless Peter Gunz-Tara Wallace-Amina Buddafly baby mama love triangle on LHHNY and is right in the middle of untangling the web of deceit that Kirk Frost and Jasmine Washington spun for LHHATL.

(Photo credits: Alexis Skyy and Solo Lucci via Instagram)

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