LHHATL Tommie Lee arrested for allegedly striking a valet while under the influence

Love and Hip Hop Tommie Lee arrest mug shot July 2018

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Atasha Jefferson (aka Tommie Lee) has added to her infamously epic mug shot collection after she was arrested yet again outside a club in Atlanta early Monday morning. Making things worse for the chronic law breaker is the fact that Tommie, who was ordered to wear an alcohol monitoring device just two months ago, was charged with disorderly conduct while under the influence.

The incident went down outside the Royal Peacock club where a police officer was directing traffic. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that Tommie entered the roadway and was instructed by the traffic cop to leave the street. Tommie was as Tommie does and reportedly got belligerent as she ignored the officer’s instructions.

That wasn’t enough to require yet another glam photo session in front of a booking camera for Tommie, but everything changed when she allegedly struck a Royal Peacock valet in the head!

“That’s when officers made their move to detain her,” TMZ reports. “We’re told the valet didn’t want to press charges, but cops arrested Tommie anyway and booked her for disorderly conduct while under the influence.”

It is unclear exactly what police suspect Tommie was “under the influence” of, but like we mentioned above, she was ordered to wear a SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring device around her ankle back in May until her pending court cases were resolved. The device was a concession from the judge as prosecutors were looking to have Tommie’s bond revoked from her 2016 DUI arrest. I’m guessing the judge won’t be as generous this time around.

Video of Tommie’s arrest was shared by The Shade Room in which a pants-less Tommie could be seen being cuffed as she repeatedly asked the arresting officers what she did:

Tommie’s most recent arrest comes a little less than four months after her last stint behind bars for allegedly attacking a jewelry store employee at Lennox Square Mall in Atlanta.

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