Lamar Odom’s ex Liza Morales talks about losing their baby to SIDS, is sick of seeing her ex on all the tabloids with Khloe

Liza Moralex

Lamar Odom’s ex Liza Morales was understandably shocked to learn via text message that he was marrying into The Kardashian family 1 1/2 years after their 10 year relationship ended. Now, on TLC’s new show Starter Wives Confidential, she has a platform to give her side of the story.

Liza and Lamar got together when they were only 16, and had three children together: Destiny, 14, Lamar Jr., 11 and Jayden, who passed away when he was only 6 months old. Jayden passed away in his sleep, and Liza says on her reality show and she and Lamar have never actually discussed his death. “Losing a child is the hardest thing that any mother could ever experience, and in the end our relationship couldn’t survive it.”

She’s found it tough to move on since the split and felt blind-sided when she received the text “I’m getting married, and I would like the kids to meet my future wife.”

She said it’s been hard for ever since to see photos of Lamar and Khloe on the covers of tabloids constantly.

“I have to pick up the pieces and move forward for all of us, but walking past the newsstand and seeing Lamar and his wife on a regular basis on the tabloids doesn’t make it easer.”

Liza also reveals on the show that the only person’s she’s had sex with is Lamar.

Khloe has been very public about her struggles to have a child with Lamar, and Liza recently expressed her opinion about Khloe’s motherhood aspirations. She reportedly told the New York Daily News (according to The Christian Post)  “I don’t know if she’s good maternally, I don’t know. As long as my kids are good, I’m good. As long as my kids are taken care of and I haven’t heard anything negative, then I’m good.”

One weird thing that happened on the show as that the other girls tried to get Liza to date Kim Kardashian’s ex Kris Humphries, but Liza shut that down immediately, saying that she would not be “humpin’ The Hump.”

Starter Wives airs Tuesdays at 9 EST on TLC.

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