Why does Kris Jenner need an epidural for neck pain? 

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A big part of the plot of Keeping Up with the Kardashians tonight involved Kris Jenner trying to get a ride to the doctor to get an epidural. Why did she need to get this procedure? How long does it last?

Kris says she suffers from neck pain, and that the epidural helps, so she probably had a steroid epidural. The steroids are supposed to reduce inflammation, which in turn should alleviate pain and help the body start healing itself. This isn’t like getting a casual injection, she had to be put under anesthesia for the procedure.

None of her kids could take her, so Kris asked ex-husband Bruce to take her. While they were there Bruce found out that he no was longer Kris’ power of attorney for health care (Kourtney is,) which hurt him. He started crying, and tried to reason with Kris on the way home even though she wasn’t supposed to make big decisions on the day her procedure. They further discussed the matter with Kim, who said that she should be the executor of her mom’s estate and in charge of all that because Kourtney isn’t “as smart as I thought she was growing up.”

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