Kylie Jenner wants “hotter sex life” than Kim, gets two sex tape offers

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There isn’t a Kylie Jenner sex tape–but that’s not for lack of effort on the porn industry’s behalf. Noted industry titans Brazzers and Pornhub recently tweeted out their support for the notion of a Kylie Jenner sex tape following the youngest Jenner’s 18th Ferrari-based birthday blowout. They tweeted a lewd combination of birthday well-wishes and proposition to Jenner within hours of her August 10th birthday. The tweets contain no specifics…but they certainly are to-the-point:


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Of course, one reason the known pornographers might have come forward so brazenly regarding a Kylie Jenner sex tape was Kylie’s own admission that she wants a “hotter sex life” than sibling Kim Kardashian had (and, presumably, continues to have). According to a “snitch” from Kylie’s inner circle, that wild desire was part of the reason she was so quick to jet off to Mexico with boyfriend Tyga following her birthday festivities:  


They are really enjoying themselves and it goes without saying, their sex life is amazing. Kylie’s telling Tyga she wants to get busy with him in more countries that Kim’s had sex with Kanye. They’ve already checked Mexico off the list and they’re hoping Canada is next!


Devoteés will recall that Kylie Jenner is getting $200,000 to appear at a second birthday party for herself, this one thrown by a club in Montreal.

The source further claimed that Kylie and Tyga intend to keep things “hot and steamy,” and that they have dubbed their jet-setting frolics “the International Sex Tour.”

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In a separate report, another source close to Kylie described the newfound freedom this now-legal adult feels. “Kylie loves being a woman,” says the source. “For so long she felt lost among all her sisters. She never thought she’d feel this sexy, she used to hate her body and compare it to her older sister’s all the time, especially Kim’s. But now she feels like a sex goddess, she says she feels better naked than she does with clothes on.”

Kylie shared the three photos in this post on social media since turning eighteen. Do they represent the new, sex goddess-y Kylie Jenner? Or are they more of the same?  


(Photo credits: Kylie Jenner via Instagram, Facebook)

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