MUG SHOT Florida man arrested for bringing underage daughter to strip club and letting her dance


A Florida man has been arrested and charged with a bevy of crimes after bring his 16-year-old daughter and her 17-year-old friend to a stip club and encouraging them to dance onstage.

The dancing, of course, came after this Florida man fed the pair alcohol…and other drugs.

Jose Manuel Arguelles, 59, of the greater Miami area, told police he’s a promoter for the Pink Pony strip club in Doral. He admitted to taking his daughter to the club “several times” since March, when she turned 16. The daughter has a 17-year-old friend who often came along.

Arguelles further admitted to allowing the girls to “smoke weed, snort cocaine, and dance on a stage.” The arrest report doesn’t state whether “a stage” refers to the Pink Pony’s main stage, or whether the girls were shunted aside in favor of marquee performers.

Florida man

What it does state, though, is that cell phone footage of the two minors both dancing and doing drugs wound up on the 17-year-old’s phone, and that her mother found the footage and went to police.

It appears that the two girls were not nude, but, rather, were wearing bikinis at the time the dancing occurred. This fact was noted by Arguelles’ attorney Chris Mancini, who stated that the claims have been blown wildly out of proportion.

“This is just one of those cases where nobody read the statute,” said Mancini, of his client’s sexual misconduct charges.

Arguelles “admitted that he was wrong for exposing the victims to the environment of the strip club,” according to the police report. He was nonetheless charged with child neglect; “allowing a child under 18 to do cocaine and smoke marijuana”; and a total of eight separate counts of “sexual performance by a child to promote sex.” His bond has been set at $45,000.

The Pink Pony has since been closed, and its owners have a week to persuade a magistrate to re-open it.


(Photo credits: Florida Man via Miami-Dade Corrections; dancing via Flickr)

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