VIDEO LHHATL Is Tammy Rivera pregnant? She and Waka reveal her uterine status

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Is Tammy Rivera pregnant? That question has occupied the minds of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans for over a month, ever since she and Waka Flocka Flame decided to tease the news of their reconciliation with a little baby bump speculation. Now, with the LHHATL Season 5 reunion is set to air, the pair have been making the media rounds–and, naturally, the topic of Tammy’s possible pregnancy has come up.

Fortunately for inquiring minds, Tammy and Waka have also addressed whether or not they’re back together. In the same interview, Waka explained exactly what led him to cheat on Tammy: in his own words, it was “a pride thing,” meaning he wanted to prove to his friends that he could still act like a younger man. But, as Waka further explained–after a little ribbing from Tammy–family is now his main priority in life, and he has no time for the foolishness that once consumed him.

Having said that, here’s the video in which Waka and Tammy say, definitively, whether or not Tammy is expecting. Fast forward to the 43-minute mark for the exact exchange:

“No, I’m not pregnant,” Tammy says. “Not yet.”

“You said you had a son coming,” one of the hosts mentions.

“Yeah,” Waka clarifies. “One day. Not today!”

On a related note, Tammy celebrated her birthday this past weekend, and Waka took to Instgram to share a loving tribute to his wife:

The first part of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 reunion airs tonight on VH1.

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