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Meeka Claxton from Basketball Wives

Season 3 of VH1’s Basketball Wives reality series premieres May 30 and the ladies will be welcoming a new player to the team: real estate mogul Meeka Claxton!

Meeka is the wife of retired NBA player and current talent scout Speedy Claxton. Speedy played college ball at Hofstra and had a seven-year career in the NBA after being drafted 20th overall by the Philadelphia 76ers in 2000. During his seven season Claxton played for five different franchises, including a stint with the San Antonio Spurs in which he helped the team win a championship backing up Tony Parker.

Meeka Claxton with husband Speedy Claxton in March 2011
^ Meeka Claxton and husband Speedy Claxton 3/21/2011 (C.Smith/

But this post isn’t about Speedy, it’s all about Meeka! And unlike most of the cast of Basketball Wives, Meeka has a professional career worthy of an entire post!

Meeka Claxton is co-founder and co-owner of Allure Realty Group along with Shiwana Scott-Reed. According to their web site, Allure Realty Group has offices in Atlanta and Warner Robins, Georgia, the latter of which is home to Robins Air Force Base and a natural fit for a realty group that focuses on relocating.

According to VH1’s site the reason Meeka is on the cast is because she is looking into expanding her real estate empire south into The Sunshine State – and more specifically, Miami. Here’s the complete intro to Meeka from VH1:

Season 3 brings a new addition to the group, and to some she is more than a handful. Wife of retired player and current scout, Speedy Claxton, Meeka is a self-made real estate entrepreneur that specializes in high-end transactions for some of the larger names in the sports and A-list crowds. Meeka has set her sights on the Miami market and is hitting South Beach to commit to a new outpost. No stranger to commitment, Meeka has been with her sweetheart since college. Their courtship and marriage has endured the ups and downs of a basketball league relationship and has given them 2 beautiful girls. As the new girl in town, Meeka has no allegiance to anyone…yet. But with a clear divide between the ladies, she will be forced to pick a side. Question is, will they accept her?

In addition to real estate, Meeka is also the founder and editor-in-chief of Elite Access Magazines, INC. better known as the “Athlete’s Personal Blackbook.” From their web site:

Elite Access Magazines will offer the NBA players and their families a guide to everything luxury making it easier to move from city to city. Elite Access Magazines will serve as the only publication dedicated strictly to the lifestyle of the NBA community. Not for sale, EAM is only available to NBA players & their families, NBA coaches & their families, as well as to each team’s front office staff.

Now there’s a smart business woman. They always say if your going to sell something, sell what you know – and the combination of real estate and being part of a professional athlete’s family is exactly what Meeka knows!

In addition to her many professional accomplishments, Meeka has also accomplished the feat of raising two beautiful young daughters, Aniya and London. Here are both girls from photos tweeted by their proud mom:

Meeka Claxton's daughters London Claxton and Aniya Claxton

A mighty fine looking successful business woman and mother of two who has managed to keep her marriage intact through the hardship of being married to a constantly relocating professional athlete… What’s not to like? The other ladies better watch out! After all, the Bible says “The Meeka shall inherit the Earth.”

Hurry up May 30th – I have to know which side Meeka is going to choose!

Promo photo of new Basketball Wives cast member Meeka Claxton

Here’s the VH1 press release about season three as well as one more official promo photo of Meeka and another of the entire Basketball Wives Season 3 cast:

“Fans have watched VH1’s Basketball Wives take Miami by a storm. From the ladies show stopping fashion to their drama and betrayal, season two left the Basketball Wives audience wanting more and VH1 is delivering with season 3 premiering Monday, May 30 at 8PM ET/PT. The season finale of Basketball Wives left many fans shocked as they learned some of the ladies deepest secrets and saw the tension rise in the inner circle.

Speedy Claxton's wife Meeka Claxton will join Basketball Wives for Season 3

Were the ladies able to move on from their drama since the reunion, or are the fires still burning? In season 3, we catch up with the ladies (Shaunie, Evelyn, Jennifer, Suzie, Royce, and Tami) to see if they were able to put the catfights and two-faced behavior behind them and recover from the shocking finale.Season 3 also introduces a new wife to the mix, Meeka Claxton.

As the ladies try and move on and settle their differences in season 3 of Basketball Wives Miami will be taken for a spin as a new face is added to the familiar mix. Viewers will see the return of Suzie, who will attempt to reconcile with the women who sent her packing last season, but will her friendship with Royce lead to an ultimate disaster and her final exile by the ladies?

Picture of the entire cast of Basketball Wives Season 3 including Meeka Claxton

Speedy Claxton/Meeka Claxton photo: C.Smith/