PHOTOS Kim Kardashian is now Kim Kardashian West on Twitter and instagram

Kim Kardashian West Twitter profile name change

Kim Kardashian has thrown a bit of a monkey wrench into the celebrity blogosphere after changing her name on Twitter and instagram to Kim Kardashian West in the wake of her wedding to Kanye over the weekend. So now it will technically be incorrect to call her Kim Kardashian, though I think this blogger will refrain from making the change until the 72-day Kardashian wedding waiting period is over.

Kim Kardashian West instagram profile name change

The addition of the non-hyphenated last name should come as no surprise as Kim revealed in an interview with E! during her 33rd birthday bash in Las Vegas in October that she would be making the change. “I will,” she said when asked if she would be changing her name. “It’ll be Kim Kardashian West,” she said before clarifying, “No, not hyphened. Make it the middle.”

Hmmm… Perhaps I will just start going with Kim West. It sue would save me a lot of typing! (To be honest, I thought Kanye Kardashian sounded pretty good.)

At the time of this post Kim’s official Celebuzz website had yet to be updated and can still be found at (She also hasn’t changed her Mobio profile, for those wanting to know.)

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