Kim Kardashian signs on with Mobio INsider social media, answers fan questions

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It was announced last week that global superstar and social media maven Kim Kardashian has signed on with the recently launched Mobio INsider social media platform as a “social media influencer.” In the press release announcing the deal between Kim and the Canadian company it stated “Kim will now join our other celebrity influencers to engage her fans in a rewarding experience that allows them to help in the creation of her social media content by making requests for photos and answers to popular questions.”

In case that wasn’t clear enough, the release further explains that “Mobio INsider allows influencers to build upon fan suggestions to produce widely sought after and in-demand content. This reduces the noise and sheer volume of requests received by Influencers and identifies popular requests that will have the greatest reach and positive impact for online fans.”

So it’s like Twitter with fewer people? I’m confused.

The president of Mobio, Mark Binns, expressed his excitement and explained further. “We’re excited to welcome Kim to the Mobio family,” Binns says. “She is a social media leader, pure and simple, and her addition clearly shows that our technology and platform brings significant value to the biggest stars on the planet and their fans. Her more than 33 million followers are about to have a chance to interact directly with their idol thanks to Mobio.”

So Kim Kardashian’s more than 33 million followers will now be able interact directly with her on Mobio in addition to Facebook and Twitter? I’m still confused.

Kim Kardashian Mobio INsider

Perhaps Kim Kardashian herself can help explain it better. “As an early adopter of new social media platforms, I can see how Mobio INsider fills a gap and adds more meaning for my fans when liking my content,” Kim says in the release. “I’ll more easily be able to identify top fans, publicly recognize them and respond in real-time with requested photos. I’m happy to lend a hand and am hopeful that my fans will enjoy Mobio as much as I do! Follow my twitter stream @KimKardashian to find out when I launch on Mobio.”

So if you are following Kim Kardashian (and interacting with her) on Twitter you will have seen this tweet announcing she was up and running and interacting with fans on Mobio INsider by answering questions:

One big difference between Mobio Insider and most other social media sites we are familiar with is the fact that it apparently doesn’t have a Spell Check feature, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I think Kim may have invented my favorite word of 2013 with her answer to this question/request:


Kim: you have to stay humble, no matter what, as easily as its given to you, it can be taken away, always be greatful for the opppotunitits that come your way

Here’s a little quote graphic followed by the rest of Kim Kardashian’s Mobio INsider interview with fans (so far):

Kim Kardashian quote always be greatful for the opppotunitits that come your way

Brook: So how do you like camera’s around you constantly?

Kim: was i was pregnant it was hard. my face shapped changed my body changed and nothing in the tabloids were going to be nice. i t was a negative time

Shahirah Begum: Will you put baby North in a normal school in future?

Kim: she will for sure go to school, we just need to do our research

Alissa Holmes: What food did you crave the most when you were pregnant?

Kim: mostly cheese, chilli cheese fries, everything w cheese

KardashKamera: Hi Kim! You always look so stunning, what’s your beauty and fashion tip for new moms? 🙂 xoxo

Kim: never lose time for u. go to the gym, get a facial, or manicure to feel goo so u can go home and be a good happy mom at home

bruna: what family means for you?

Kim: everything. its the reason we exist…especially during the holidays

KhloBear: How did you feel now being a mother?

Kim: it completely changed my life. you have a different set of proprieties .nothing matters except you r brand new family

Team Kanye & Kim: Will you have a family Christmas card this year with Kanye and Nori?

Kim: we wont be doing it this year. this year we got some good ideas and gonna brainstorm for next year, tradition is everything This family card was so fun

Jim Russell Alexander White: What’s taking up most of your time these days?

Kim: being a mommy, and tour life with daddy, these days are the best

Margaret Barrie-Hemingson: What is your favourite perfume?

Kim: fragrance is intimate. it changes for me, and reminds me of times in my life, good or bad. my signature fragrance Kim Kardashian is the core of me…but this rose fragrance we are developing is very special to me now

Scott Miller: What’s your favorite place to eat?

Kim: it depends, Miami I love Macalussos, NYC, I love Chipriani, LA, casa vega…. it changes depending on the city!

Myleeza Жardashian: Hey babe it’s Myleeza! When did the paparazzi stop being fun and started being annoying?

Kim: Hi doll! When I got pregnant it all changed. I saw it all so differently. But still its my life so can’t let it get to you too much and get back to being fun and respectful

Makeda: What’s your favorite junk food

Kim: Krispy Kreme donughts….don’t tempt me, I’m doing good right now lol

KardashKamera: What’s your favorite thing about North? She’s so cute I’m sure it’s hard to choose just one thing! 🙂

Kim: It’s really hard to choose but, her baby smell and her laugh!

biggest kardash fan: Fav piece of clothing

Kim: I wear the same shoes and coats over and over! It’s freezing right now, so I would say a coat!

Kardashian Navy: What’s one of the nicest things a fan has done for you? 🙂

Kim: I have the most amazing fans! Seeing tumblr’s and websites they create make me smile and i always look out for them.

Sarah Carter: What is your secret to balancing everything going on in your life – being a mom, your career and touring with Kanye? I admire you that you can do it all!

Kim: Thank you! I love taking time off and being with him and the baby. But the key is balance and a good schedule. We put the baby to sleep then go to the concert. I make time for me, and my fiancé too so I can be the best mom to her! Naturally your priorities change too, so its so easy to adjust for me! I love every minute of it!

Alice A.: what is your favorite christmas memory?

Kim: Christmas is my absolute fave time of year! its about family. I love the smell of everything Christmas. My moms Christmas Eve party is a tradition we have had since I was born. Then we do Christmas morning, opening presents with our whole family at 6am! Then we all cook breakfast together.

Steve: Favourite way to relax?!

Kim: i love sleeping and a massage!

Mark Binns: Best picture on your phone right now?

Kim Kardashian family photo with Robert Kardashian

Kim: Love this old school family pic. [above]

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* My confusion over understanding the Mobio INsider concept was partly feigned for dramatic effect.At the bottom of the site’s homepage there is the message “Have a big following? Want to be part of our revenue share program? Contact us at to see if you qualify.” That made the whole thing pretty clear to me: It’s essentially the same as Twitter (or perhaps a better comparison would be the old Formspring or except Mobio runs ads. For instance, on one of Kim’s answers you had to watch a video commercial to “unlock” it. So essentially the conceptual innovation is on the business side of things and the site doesn’t really seem to offer anything all that new for users (i.e. fans) who don’t have large followings and don’t qualify for revenue sharing. At least that’s my take anyway.

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