Khloe Kardashian judge-sniffed Kim and Kourtney’s pineapple enhanced vajayjays

Khloe Kardashian vajayjay sniffing

The Kardashians take the challenge of raising and/or lowering the reality TV bar extremely seriously. During Sunday’s episode of whichever two of those girls take whatever city they’re in, they once again broke through barriers as viewers were treated to a good old-fashioned vajayjay sniffing contest.

During a phone convo, sissy Khloe shared her concept that the ingestion of pineapple juice enhances the fragrance of her special Lamar Odomain. It just so happened (read – scripted) that Kim and Kourtney were in serious competition mode and decided to ride that pineapple express to discover whom might smell sweeter.

At the conclusion of this battle, the awesome responsibility fell upon Khloe to be the judge. To do so, Kourtney and Kim wiped themselves with napkins and provided the fruity evidence to Justice Khloe. While this may seem like too much of a burden to bear for us commoners, Khloe explained her unwavering willingness in a quote I think she got from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

“We’re sisters, if I can’t smell their pu**ies, what else am I supposed to do?

According to Khloe, Kourtney’s napkin smelled like a tropical island. When Kim came out of the bathroom with her cloth, Khloe balked stating that she wasn’t going to smell Kanye’s d**k. She remembered her sacred oath, however, and sniffed away. So who won!!?!?

When the dust and napkins settled Kim was crowned the kitty winner.

Remembering that behind every exploit on the Kardshian shows there’s a future product being subjigated into our minds, I would be on the lookout for a Kardashian-inspired pineapple energy-fragrance drink in the near future. You’ve been warned.