Kim Kardashian nude: Star suing agency over illegal photos

Kim topless


“Will the world ever tire of Kim Kardashian nudes?” asks a Vanity Fair article–and, if recent events are to be believed, the answer is “No.” The reality TV star is turning to the legal system to combat a series of illegal Kim Kardashian nude photos. The photos were taken via helicopter, and without Kim’s consent–unlike the many other, authorized Kim Kardashian nude photo sets out there.

According to the latest reports, Kim is suing photo agency X17 for snapping shots of Kim lounging poolside at home. The lawsuit states that the photos were acquired illegally, via a helicopter and a telephoto lens.

In a further and even more interesting twist, the lawsuit also states that the photos weren’t of Kim Kardashian nude at all. Kim claims to have been wearing a blue bikini, and, when she realized why the helicopter was hovering so, she immediately grabbed a wrap to cover up. In other words, X17 broke the law by photographing Kim via illegal means, and then attempted to dupe tabloids by claiming it had nudes of Kim when it actually did not.

X17 has since deleted the shots from its photo library, in an attempt at heading litigation off at the pass.


(Photo credits: Kim Kardashian via Instagram)