Khloe Kardashian threatened with lawsuit by state of New York over t-shirt design

Khloe Kardashian seen wearing a t-shirt from her husband's Lamar Odom 'Rich Soil' line while arriving at her sister Kim's house in Los Angeles, CA, United States.

Khloe Kardashian and husband Lamar Odom have landed in some hot water.. again. Just last month the two were accused of being involved with a charity scam in which the money they raised for Cathy’s Kids allegedly wasn’t going to the causes they claimed. Now, it’s their clothing line Rich Soil which is causing them grief.

According to the New York Daily News, Governor Cuomo has ordered that the former X-Factor judge and her husband stop selling one of her high-end t-shirts because of it’s similarities to the New York Department of Agriculture’s ‘Pride in New York’ symbol (pictured below left).

Pride of New York logo for produceKhloe Kardashian in Rich Soil t-shirt which is being threatened by lawsuit

In the documents filed against Rich Soil and sent on Friday, Governor Cuomo demands that the item be removed from the brand’s website and any other displays which feature the logo, such as advertisements for the brand. In addition to that, he is requesting that Rich Soil provide an estimate of how much money was made of the t-shirt in question.

“The State of New York has invested substantial time, effort and resources creating the respect and goodwill associated with the trademark,” Susan Rosenthal, a lawyer for the Department of Agriculture, said in the letter.

The Department of Agriculture’s ‘Pride Of New York’ emblem was created to identify the food grown in the state of New York. The emblem features the Statue of Liberty overlooking a farm with the words ‘Pride Of New York’ written in all caps surrounding it with stars in between the words. The only differences in the Rich Soil design are the words ‘Rich Soil’ in the place of ‘Pride of’ and instead of a farm, the Rich Soil logo is displayed.

Rich Soil has been given five days to make the necessary changes. If they don’t comply, legal action will be taken against them.

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