PHOTOS Justin Bieber throws a punch at a photographer in Paris

Justin Bieber Paris Fashion Week

International B.A. Justin Bieber took his shenanigans to Paris this week, where he dined with Kendall Jenner, partied with the Kardashians and topped off the night by getting into a scuffle with paparazzi.

According to witnesses, photographers were blocking the 20-year-old singer’s entrance into his hotel — so he employed the help of Mr. Lefty and Mr. Righty to get through: In one picture, he appears to be throwing a hook at a photographer. In another, it looks like Justin’s holding a guy back by the throat.

It’s unclear whether Justin actually landed a blow on the photographer. If he did and if charges are pressed, it could spell trouble for the “Baby” singer, who is serving a two-year probation sentence that stems from EggGate. Further complicating matters is his arrest in Canada last month for allegedly assaulting a mini-van driver… Who else thinks Justin should just hire someone to hold his arms down whenever he gets fired up?

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