Jenny Peak mug shot photo, self-assault arrest story is a hoax

Jenny Peak mug shot real? No it's actually Victoria Moore

There’s a viral story currently making the rounds about a woman named Jenny Peak who was arrested in Chicago after winning a $12 bet with her stepfather after he said she couldn’t “kick her own ass.” According to the story, police were called to a home where they found Jenny hitting herself in the head with a crowbar. Two officers attempted to calm Jenny, at which point she dropped the crowbar and began ramming her head into the wall. “Peak then began punching herself in the stomach and breasts yelling “take that, p***y,” the original report reads. The end result was allegedly the VERY viral-worthy mug shot photo above of Jenny post-self-ass-whoopin.

Sadly, the perfect viral story turned out to be a little too perfect. After doing a bit of research, I discovered that the mug shot photo above isn’t from the recent arrest of Jenny Peak in Chicago, but is a 2011 mug shot photo of Victoria Moore, who was arrested by St. Petersburg, Florida police after being involved in a DUI car crash:

Victoria Moore Jenny Peak mugshot photo hoax

The website is notorious for starting hoaxes, and is somehow developing quite the impressive resume! Another recent example of their hoaxery that got traction as a real news item is the couple in Jacksonville, Florida named Tito and Amanda Watts who were arrested for selling golden tickets to Heaven.

But, I have to give credit where credit is due, and these Stuppid articles are downright entertaining! Check out these excerpts from the Jenny Peak self-beating story:

“She was determined to beat herself up,” an arresting officer said. “And she did. One of the worst beatings I’ve ever seen in my twenty years on the force.”

“I knew I could beat myself up even though I’m pretty tough,” Peak told police. “I wanted to really show him [stepfather] that I wasn’t afraid of myself.”


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