Jenelle Evans harassment case continued until March 19 because the state had no witness

Jenelle Evans driving

Jenelle Evans and her attorney Dustin Sullivan were in court today to face charges of communicating threats, harassing phone call, and violating a protective order against her former roommate Hannah Inman, but the case was continued due to a mix up on the date on the subpoena. Because of the date mix up the state didn’t have its witness (namely Hannah Inman) present and asked that the case be continued, a request granted by the judge.

We reported last week that Hannah Inman dropped her restraining order against Jenelle, which seemed to suggest she may not pursue the other charges either, so I wonder if that had something to do with the lack of a witness as well? (Purely speculation on my part.)

Jenelle Evans lawyer Dustin Sullivan

We talked with Jenelle’s lawyer Dustin Sullivan who tells us the court date has been rescheduled for March 19. It is unlikely the case will be continued again, so we should know something definite by the 19th at the latest.