Jenelle Evans discusses details of recent arrest


Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans has opened up about her recent arrest, in the wake of her ex-fiance, Nathan Griffith, contacting the police to claim  that she had physically assaulted him.

Authorities issued a warrant for her arrest and Evans turned herself in. Before the interview posted this morning by The Real Mr. Housewife, she had only made the brief following statement via her PR Twitter account:



Here’s what Jenelle had to say about the situation to TRMH:


Basically you know I went to go pick Kaiser up and when I went to go pick him up, he grabbed my phone and he wouldn’t give it back. So we wrestled for my phone and then he went inside and locked himself in his apartment. And I was like, ‘Can you just give me my phone and my son?’ And he wouldn’t open the door, so I ended up leaving. And then after I left he went to the police station and pressed charges on me and said I attacked him…Not even 24 hours afterwards he wanted those charges dropped he wanted the judge to know that and everything.


Evans stated that the next step will involve a court hearing on Thursday, which only lawyers will attend. She emphasized again that it is her understanding that Griffith wants any charges against her dropped.

Jenelle added that she doesn’t talk much with Nathan anymore: “There’s not a no contact order in place, but we don’t speak to each other. We only speak to each other if we’re exchanging Kaiser. We take turns with Kaiser.”

In addition, she said that her relationship with mom, Barbara Evans, is a little rocky: “We don’t speak that much unless it’s about picking up Jace and stuff like that. I mean, I don’t know. It’s iffy. It depends on the mood she’s in that day.”

To find out about the camera crew we saw in her arrest photos, and whether the exchange between Jenelle and Nathan was filmed, check out the rest of the interview here.

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