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PHOTOS Jake T Austin and Danielle Caesar still going strong despite detractors

It's fair to say that Jake T Austin and Danielle Caesar's unexpected romantic relationship caught Austin's fans–as well as pop culture onlookers–by surprise. The two came together about as unexpectedly as two people can, when one of them is a celebrity: Austin, fresh from success on Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place and ABC Family's The Fosters, met Caesar simply by dint of her persistance as an exceptionally devoted fan. Before long, the two began seeing each other socially...and a romance blossomed, one that persists to this day.

The Fosters cast explains why Jake T. Austin left the show ahead of Season Three premiere

The "Jake T. Austin The Fosters" speculation has been thick in the air for almost a full year, thanks to the 21-year-old former TV star's quick and shocking exit from the popular show. His character Jesus Foster was almost completely absent from the first half of Season Three; now that Freeform (former ABC Family) is set to debut the second half of the season, some of the show's cast has begun to shed light on the Jesus mystery.

UPDATE Jake T. Austin gushes over new girlfriend: ‘Sometimes you connect at the right moment’

The "Jake T. Austin girlfriend" stories have been coming fast and furious this week, in light of the surprising news that the former Fosters star is dating not a former fellow teenage star, but a humble fangirl who's chatted with him on Twitter and Instagram for a few years. Now, Austin has addressed the relationship in public for the first time–and it's clear that the 21-year-old is smitten. Read on to see what he had to say!

PHOTOS Who is Jake T. Austin dating? New girlfriend in mystery kiss revealed

The Jake T. Austin dating mystery has been solved: it's fangirl Danielle Caesar! The second-biggest Jake T. Austin-related question out there finally has an answer, thanks to some intrepid sleuthing and the unrivaled gossip-power of the internet. Read on to see the photo that sparked all the buzz, find out who the lady is, and check out a first-reported photo!