PHOTOS Jake T Austin and Danielle Caesar still going strong despite detractors

Jake T Austin and Danielle Caesar 2

It’s fair to say that Jake T Austin and Danielle Caesar’s unexpected romantic relationship caught Austin’s fans–as well as pop culture onlookers–by surprise. The two came together about as unexpectedly as two people can, when one of them is a celebrity: Austin, fresh from success on Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place and ABC Family’s The Fosters, met Caesar simply by dint of her persistance as an exceptionally devoted fan. Before long, the two began seeing each other socially, and a romance blossomed…one that persists to this day.

They went public back in January; at the time, Austin offered a simple, straightforward explanation for how a budding celebrity and one of his devoted fans became so enamored of each other: “Sometimes,” he explained, “you connect at the right moment.”

Of course, Danielle was perhaps a bit less prepared for the onslaught of attention than Jake. Though she now has thousands of social media followers, both her Twitter and Instagram accounts are private, meaning that the only updates fans get on the couple come from Austin alone. It’s been seven months since the couple decided to make their love known; we’ve gotten only a few updates in that time, but each one has been more cherished than the last. New photos often come only because of a major (social media) holiday; for example, Austin shared the first two shots below in response to #NationalGirlfriendDay and #InternationalKissingDay, respectively:

Jake T Austin and Danielle Caesar 3

Jake T Austin and Danielle Caesar 4

Jake T Austin and Danielle Caesar 5

Jake T Austin and Danielle Caesar 1

Furthermore, Jake T Austin and Danielle Caesar fans curious for a closer look at Danielle can also take solace in the video below. If the information on Danielle’s available social media bios is to be believed, it comes from her official YouTube channel, which she shares with a friend, and updates intermittently. (Judging by the comments the videos on the channel have received, Danielle’s response to the comments, and the videos’ aggregate views, it seems likely that the account is legit.) That’s Danielle there on the right:

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(Photo credits: Jake T Austin and Danielle Caesar via Instagram, Twitter)

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