Georgia Mall “WELCOMES WALKERS” to celebrate Walking Dead premiere?

If you’re a fan of the zombies and flesh-eating ghouls and whatnot, by now you’ve probably watched the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC. If so, this story may come as a shock to you.

The Milledgeville Mall in Milledgeville, Georgia, less than an hour from the zombie outbreak in Atlanta that has already been the scene of so much devastation, is advertising “Walkers Welcome” on a massive electronic sign outside the JC Penney’s store facing Robertson Mill Road. As showcased in The Walking Dead, legions of zombies – popularly referred to as “walkers” for their slow gait – have begun to take over the state of Georgia, eating their way through anything that moves in their path.

So why would a mall in a small Georgia town be inviting walkers into their stores? To answer that question, Starcasm checked in with mall Director of Security George A. Romero for more details. “We’ve had a wonderful response,” said Romero. “We’ve had many walkers come in and make use of our facilities. It’s been a real asset for the community.”

In a bad economy that has really eaten into the mall’s fortunes, this community outreach has actually led to an uptick in consumerism. “Usually walkers come to the mall in the early morning hours, before regular business hours. By mid-day, they’ve worked up a healthy appetite and head straight towards our many fine food court merchants.”

When asked about the sensitivity of such a message when other Georgians currently have extremely divergent views on walkers, Romero replied, “We will serve any and everyone who walks through these doors.” I guess so!