Kylie Jenner denies rumor she already crashed her brand-new Ferrari

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This past Monday, Kylie Jenner turned 18. She got a lot of presents–about $400,000 worth of them!–and the biggest and most extravagant gift of all was the $320,000 Ferrari Kylie’s boyfriend Tyga got for her. (It’s at least the second car Kylie has owned during her short tenure behind the wheel.) Then, Kylie and Tyga private jetted off to Mexico, because that is the sort of thing one does to cool down from a birthday at which one was the $400,000 center of attention.

Then, a wild rumor that Kylie had *already* crashed her brand-new car began circulating across the internet. This rumor seemed believable in part because Kylie Jenner has a reputation for being an irresponsible driver. However, K-Jen took to Twitter last night to dispel the rumor. She did so in convincing fashion:

Just a rumor 🙂

— Kylie Jenner (@KylieJenner) August 11, 2015



If the rumor is true, Kylie (and poor Tyga) would have effectively rented a car for $80,000 per day.

Kylie also addressed the fact, commented upon by many, that her lavish 18th birthday cake looked quite similar to the same one she had for her 17th birthday, and her 16th, and on birthdays before that one. Turns out? It’s the same design:


Related to the above: the Kylie Jenner’s 18th Birthday Tumblr is now a thing. The site is “dedicated to expressing support for Kylie Jenner on her 18th birthday,” created by and intended for fans who think that Kylie Jenner is “the definition of perfection.” So far, over 600 of Kylie’s millions of social media followers have contributed to the site. In an interesting nod to the old-fashioned, most of the messages are text-based (emojis notwithstanding); images, video, and link-based collages are largely absent from the site.

This Sunday, Kylie will recieve $200,000 in exchange for appearing at a second birthday party for herself, this one thrown by a club in Montreal.


(Photo credits: Kylie Jenner via Instagram)

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