Gabrielle Union gets honest about fertility struggles: If it does happen, it’s a miracle

Gabrielle Union Pregnancy Struggles

Ever since Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade married this summer, there have been a flurry of predictable pregnancy rumors. Now, she confirms none of them are true — even though she wishes they were.

“I think my brain and my heart are screaming baby fever,” Gabrielle told Uptown Magazine. The problem is, at 42, Gabrielle said conceiving is no easy task. “My ovaries, however, they’re coughing up dust. Yes, it’s in my heart and in my mind, and we’ll see if my body catches up with that. If it does happen, it’s a miracle—a medical miracle at least. I mean, we’d love to. We’ll see what my ovaries say. Cause right now they’re taking Geritol.”

For many women struggling to conceive, the multivitamin blend in Geritol is a good first step — some even joke the company’s motto should be “There’s a baby in every bottle!” However, the manufacturers are quick to say there’s no solid proof to back up those testimonies. Either way, Gabrielle said she’ll be happy.

“I have really awesome stepkids, so I feel equally as fulfilled,” she said. “I’ve lasted 42 years without having a human being come from one of my orifices and I feel okay and fulfilled and happy.”

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