Sweet Home Sextuplets: Names, location, and fertility details for TLC’s newest family

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TLC’s newest foray into fertility TV is here. Sweet Home Sextuplets does Outdaughtered‘s Busby quints one better by introducing viewers to Courtney and Eric Waldrop, the proud parents of newborn sextuplets: three boys and three girls, all of them healthy and now nine months old. But the six aren’t the couple’s only children — they already had three boys, meaning the moment the sextuplets were born, the Waldrops literally tripled their offspring.

Since nine children is a lot for viewers to keep track of, we’ve put together a primer on the Waldrop family, including the ever-elusive Sweet Home Sextuplets names. If nothing else, we should all take our cues from Courtney and Eric themselves, who’ve yet to appear totally overwhelmed by their new situation — on-camera, at least.

What are the Sweet Home Sextuplets names? And what about the Waldrops’ older kids?

It’s a full family shot at the top of the article, but we’ll start here by introducing you to the Waldrop show’s title children:

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From left to right in the photo above, the Sweet Home Sextuplets‘ names are Layke, Rivers, Blu, Rayne, Tag, and Rawlings Waldrop. The six siblings were born December 11th, 2017, meaning they just turned nine months old. It took a team of 30 doctors and hospital staffers to bring the six babies into the world; perhaps unsurprisingly, the Waldrop sextuplets marked the first such delivery at Huntsville Hospital.

Beyond the six babies, Courtney and Eric also have three older boys:

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Saylor, their oldest child, is eight. After him comes their twin boys, Bridge and Wales — who are five or five-and-a-half, depending on which one you ask. (Wales is a bit more specific about he and his brother’s age.)

Where are the Sweet Home Sextuplets from?

The Waldrop family lives in Albertville, Alabama, a town of 20,000 people in the greater Huntsville metro area. According to Huntsville station WHNT, Courtney and Eric, who married in 2004, have actually been together since they were in the eighth grade.

Per the Gadsen Times, the two have a strong connection to their town. Eric “owns a landscaping business” in Albertville, and Courtney, before her pregnancy kept her home, “taught at Alberville Elementary School.” Since the success of Sweet Home Sextuplets — and the addition of two babysitters to help out with their children during the day — Courtney has actually begun thinking about going back to work.

Did Courtney Waldrop get pregnant with sextuplets naturally?

Like their fellow TLC stars Danielle and Adam Busby, Courtney and Eric Waldrop turned to fertility treatments before Courtney became pregnant with the sextuplets.

“We just recently decided that we wanted to try again for another [pregnancy],” she told WHNT last year. “Within one month we got pregnant but we lost that pregnancy. So we knew we would have to do fertility again.” (As we’ve written before, fertility drugs generally increase a couple’s chances of having two or more babies by about 20%.)

Courtney also says the number of new family members has strengthened her marriage to Eric. In a recent interview with Today, she said their relationship “is stronger now than ever” and called Eric her “rock.” (She added that the babies sleeping through the night beginning in their fourth month hasn’t hurt matters.)

Eric added that so far he and Courtney are making the controlled chaos work:

If you would have asked me the way I felt when I found out we were having six babies, I guess I just thought it was going to be an impossible situation. I’m not saying it’s not hard, but you just kind of adapt and make it work. It’s the new normal, how crazy it is, and I just jump right in after I come home from work and before you know it, it’s midnight. I guess the surprise is that it was possible to survive the first nine months.

You can keep up with Courtney, Eric, and the nine Waldrop children on Instagram here and on Facebook here. New episodes of Sweet Home Sextuplets air Tuesdays at 10 PM on TLC.

(Photo credits: Sweet Home Sextuplets names via Instagram)

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