Forgetful Josh Duggar says ‘It’s nice to have another sister’ after Joe and Kendra’s wedding

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Josh Duggar, in case you forgot, is the member of the Duggar family who, as a 14-year-old, molested five underage girls, four of whom were family members. (He also admitted to infidelity and spent six months in sex rehab, but, if you only commit one of Josh Duggar’s despicable acts to memory, stick with the child molestation.) And, in case you were wondering why you haven’t seen much of him lately, it’s because the family relegated him to their used car lot and generally keeps him out of what spotlight they have left.

We bring up all this old news because evidently Josh Duggar himself seems to have forgotten why his family is still falling from grace. This past Saturday, the Duggars let Josh film a congratulatory message to the bride and groom at brother Joseph’s wedding to Kendra Caldwell. They even let him stand next to disgraced, beach ball-pregnant wife Anna (who did most of the talking). But Josh still found a way to get creepy–and in only 43 seconds, no less. (If you can’t stomach the thought of listening to Josh Duggar speak, there’s a transcript of the clip right after the embed.)

JOSH: Congratulations, Joe and Kendra. We are so excited for you guys on this special day.

ANNA: Yes, we love you guys so much, and we are just so thrilled. I tell you, I’ve been waiting for a long time for another Duggar boy to get married and have a sister-in-law. And so I’m just thrilled to have you, Kendra, as my new sister-in-law! And we look forward to lots of double dates in the future.

JOSH : So that’s two out of the ten boys, now, that are married. There’s a lot more to go; there’s a lot more Duggar weddings in the future–but it’s nice to have another Duggar sister. So, we’re carrying on that last name.

So, Josh Duggar is now on record saying “It’s nice to have another Duggar sister.” And what actually makes it worse is that he says it not ten seconds after Anna specifically refers–two different times–to her new “sister-in-law.” It’s as if she knows where Josh’s mind is going and she’s trying to head him off. Because she knows the man she married, had a literal handful of children with, and will be buried next to for eternity isn’t going to choose his words carefully before expressing even the most banal thought.

On a related note, the new season of Counting On–which might actually feature Josh Duggar at some point–premieres tonight.

(Photo credits: Josh Duggar via Duggar family on YouTube)

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