Ted Cruz’s college roommate drags him again after senator likes p0rn clip on Twitter

Ted Cruz's college roommate 2

Ted Cruz, Texas’ junior senator and a man so thoroughly disliked by his colleagues that no one wants to be his secret Santa, is in the news this morning because someone in his office liked a two-minute p0rn clip on Twitter. Adult film account @SexuallPosts shared the clip–originally uploaded by Reality Kings–early on September 11th. Late in the day–maybe because he thought no one was watching?–Cruz’s account made the clip its 1,248th like. (The account has since un-liked the tweet, but you can see a mostly SFW screencap here.)

But it turned out that people were watching, and the story quickly went viral. Enter Craig Mazin, Ted Cruz’s college roommate, who went viral during the 2016 presidential primaries by sharing details of Cruz’s thoughtless masturbatory habits from their freshman year together at Princeton. Mazin has a bunch of writing and producing credits to his name; he’s probably second-best-known for writing the second and third movies in the Hangover franchise, along with Scary Movie 3 and 4. But he’s best-known for calling Cruz a “huge a$$hole” and mocking him on Twitter–which he did, with vigor, following the p0rn controversy.

Here’s a sample:

Mazin also gave birth to the delightful new euphemism “handle the delegates,” which will hopefully become the “master of your domain” of the early 21st century.

And he kept the zingers coming for would-be detractors, too:

For good measure, here’s the tweet that launched Ted Cruz’s college roommate into viral infamy, following Cruz’s attempt to criminalize the sale of dildoes:

On a related note, though Cruz has since un-liked the p0rn seen ’round the world, the account from which he liked it has since immortalized Cruz’s participation:

(Photo credits: Ted Cruz’s college roommate via Instagram)

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