Farrah Abraham opens up about improved relationship with mom Debra Danielson

Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia

Teen Mom‘s Farrah Abraham has been forced to grow up fast since becoming pregnant in 2008 as a 17-year-old high school student. In addition to the struggles of being a teen mom, her child’s father, Derek Underwood, died in a car accident just two months prior to daughter Sophia being born, and a strained relationship with her mother, Debra Danielson, culminated with an assault charge and Danielson’s arrest in January.

Farrah, along with Teen Mom‘s Maci, Amber and Catelynne, opened up to Us Weekly about her struggles in an exclusive interview on newsstands now. Here is some of what Farrah had to say about her mother, dealing with Derek’s death, daughter Sophia, and her future as a single teen mom.

Debra Danielson MugshotWhen asked about her relationship with her mother Farrah said that the two have forgiven each other and have moved past the assault incident. Surprisingly, she says she speaks with her mom and dad daily now and they have an important role in Sophia’s life.

“…they’re the best possible babysitters I could find! They take Sophia to the park and are teaching her how to drive her toy car – fun little things.”

Farrah clears up a lot of details about her relationship with Sophia’s father Derek Underwood as well, telling the magazine that the two dated on and off for two years. Six months into their dating Derek got her a promise ring but Farrah said she wasn’t “ready for such a big step and just wanted to be friends.” She says that moment changed their relationship and they “weren’t seeing eye-to-eye” after that. Derek and Farrah’s mom would fight and she would even call the cops when she caught Farrah sneaking Derek into the house. About her actions at the time Farrah confesses, “I realize now I shouldn’t have acted like an immature teenager.”

Farrah Abraham and Derek Underwood
Farrah Abraham and Sophia’s father Derek Underwood from Facebook

Farrah and Derek had not talked to each other for about four months at the time of his death and when Farrah described the couple’s last conversation to her parents in which he was “nice one second and then really hurtful the next,” her mom said, “You just need to get away from that and focus on your education and saving money.” Farrah still had a good relationship with her family at the time and she realized:

When your parents give you an ultimatum, saying “Start fresh without this romance, and go and be happy,” you’re going to take that rather than having your boyfriend call you names and make you feel bad because you’re pregnant. I needed a break from all the drama. But I definitely tried to work some things out with him, and I wish it would have happened.

Farrah goes on to clarify that she thought Derek would have made a great dad and says she is going to open up with Sophia about what happened when she is old enough. Farrah describes a baby book she made for Sophia with notes between her and Derek as well as lots of pictures and written memories.

Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia

As far as her future plans Farrah says she is on schedule to finish her associate’s degree in November at which point she plans on “moving to a bigger city like Chicago or San Jose, California, and opening up my own Italian or Asian fusion restaurant.”

She wraps up the interview by talking about the potential of finding love again, saying that her goals and family are a priority but she does want to start dating again. “I have guy friends now who are candidates for someone I’d want to be with, but I haven’t had time to look at them in that light.”

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Us Weekly August 30, 2010 issue with Teen Mom interviews