Farrah Abraham to plead guilty to aggravated DUI


On Friday, Farrah Abraham had herself a scare in regards to her DUI trial as she tweeted out that she thought she was going to jail. She was scheduled for her appearance to promote her p0rn in South Florida and to celebrate her birthday at an after party while in Nebraska her trial, stemming from her St. Patrick’s Day run-in with the law, was set.

The Teen Mom vet later tweeted her relief revealing that she wasn’t going to jail and that she was ready to party on. Now we know why as it’s being reported that Abraham has agreed to a deal in which she will plead guilty to aggravated DUI after having originally pled not guilty.

For a reminder of Farrah’s initial position on what transpired, here’s a clip from her sit down with Dr. Phil as she explains that she was drunk and drove the car – – but only around the corner and that she was parked when approached by the cops telling the confused host, “I was not driving so, no, I was not driving drunk…” Oh heck, just watch:

According to TMZ, Abraham’s lawyer struck a deal that will result in the prosecutors only asking for probation, a suspension of Farrah’s driving privileges and a $500 fine.

Farrah later berated the arresting officer while the arrest report indicated that Abraham was anything but cooperative during the incident. She was also charged with disorderly conduct and refusing to take a breathalyzer test but in the deal those additional charges will be dropped.

Farrah’s plea hearing is set for June 20.

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