Farrah Abraham: My sex toy could help Hank Baskett, Kendra Wilkinson


It’s time for another episode of “Reflections with Farrah” as we break down the highlights of Farrah Abraham’s recent interview with AfterBuzz TV.

In the over 30 minute sit down, Farrah discussed a wide range of topics including how she believes her adult toy line could help Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett, why she thinks FOX News hacked her site, her soured opinion of Bethenny Frankel, plans of developing master plan communities and how she dabbles romantically with businessmen.

AB: How does one start a sex toy line?

Farrah: I just reached out to the companies. Yeah, I mean it better be my idea it’s my body parts for right now… I think too many people don’t get sex toys and they go off the deep end with partners.

AB: If you could gift the toy to any celebrity who would you want to use it?

Farrah: I think Hank Baskett right now, right. I heard Kendra and him are having some troubles I think this might help. I think cheating is bad, sex toys are good.

AB: So your site just got hacked too. You tweeted something about FOX News hacking into it. Was that a joke or do you really think it was FOX News?

Farrah: I don’t know but I’m like how is it odd that FOX News knew about it before I even did? I was doing a radio tour and someone was like, “So FOX News just said your website’s hacked.” I’m like, “What?” And so that’s just very odd. I say whoever tipped it off first, they’re responsible.


AB: What would you say the end goal for you is?

Farrah: I don’t really think there’s an end to anything that I do. I think it’s just, I keep on progressing and developing and hopefully one day I’ll be developing master plan communities and bigger projects. Bigger is where I’m going.

AB: So when you started your first reality show was there any other reality star that you kind of envisioned your career to follow?

Farrah: I honestly don’t look up to anyone and I also don’t have a role model. I don’t have a hero and I know that’s like probably sad to hear but everyone that I have looked up to and I have met, like a Bethenny Frankel, definitely was a let down.

AB: Why was Bethenny Frankel a let down (also mentioned is her Dr. Phil episode)?

Farrah: I think women should not bash other women. I also feel that women can be as diverse as they want to be and I believe that and I am like for women by women. It was just very shocking to see somebody to be opposite of what I thought they were… That’s the past, I mean look at their own personal lives. At least I’m strong enough to deal with the lies.

Farrah Abraham Bethenny Frankel

AB: Give us a night in your life. You’re in L.A. tonight, are you going out to the bars in Hollywood?

Farrah: I say, “go where the getting is good.” I’m not going to find such marriage material at a club. I do dabble with like some businessmen that I do meet. I meet a lot of amazing people who are young and single and if it works out it works out.

AB: Do you feel like your businesses almost contradict themselves?

Farrah: No. If your naked self is already out there.. “Oh, I’m not going to do this business opportunity because…” That would just be stupid to not grace upon what other things that you can capitalize off of. If somebody else is going to ruin you and take your brand down you might as well put it in your own hands and do something positive with it… It’s not all about nakedness, but it is creative and I do like to do things.

You can watch the entire AfterBuzz video interview with Farrah Abraham via their official YouTube page here.

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