90 DAY FIANCE Larissa shares details about her children, Colt reveals he struggles with depression

It has been a CRAZY month for 90 Day Fiance couple Colt and Larissa! Earlier this month, Larissa was arrested and charged with domestic battery after an escalating altercation with Colt that she documented in part on Instagram. Less than a week after her arrest, reports began to circulate online claiming that Larissa has children back in Brazil, reports that Larissa later confirmed. Despite the confirmation, Larissa didn’t share a lot of specifics about her children — until now.

“Hi Everyone, I would like to address something about my kids,” Larissa began an Instagram caption to a collection of three photos — two of which included a child with the faces covered up, and another showed a much younger Larissa pregnant. “I really did not want to talk about them, because they are young and they can’t make choices yet, I don’t know if they wanted to be exposed or not,” Larissa continues, before explaining that she is tired of all the rumors and wants to provide some clarification for her followers.

“I was in college studying to become a nurse, and against my father’s desire, I interrupted the school to move with my former boyfriend to another State and start a life together,” Larissa says, referencing her ex Marcos Hack. She says that she and Marcos lived together for two years and had a son.

Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t work out, and the break up was a “very bad” one. She says that her son’s father was not paying child support and Larissa’s family was not talking to her, so she was left to support herself and her son alone — which was nearly impossible because she was unable to find work.

“I found myself financially and emotionally unable to take care of my son. I spent all my savings and I tried everything to find a job, but in Brazil, as everyone knows, life can be very hard sometimes. For this reason, I decided to let his aunt adopt him,” Larissa says, “she was always there for me and she loved him very much. This decision still breaks my heart today and it is a very delicate matter to me.”

32-year-old Larissa says that she regrets the decision, but knows that she has to live with it. “I don’t need anyone [pointing] the finger in my face,” she adds, referencing the negativity she has been receiving online. “I already suffered enough.” Larisssa says that she hopes to reconnect with her son “one day when he is old enough to understand that I made the best decision I could.”

Larissa then explained the situation with her daughter, who currently lives with Larissa’s dad and his wife in Brazil:

Years later, I was in another relationship and I had a daughter.

Once again, I did not have the support of the baby dad. This time, I was financially capable to take care of her making a minimum wage and working at a clothing store, I also reconnected with my father who watched her for me while I could work. I always toke care of her and now she is with my father in Brazil temporarily. My father is a retired military man and he and his wife are great grandparents, they have a lot of time for her, I talk to them everyday on whatsapp and I plan to bring her to live with us very soon.

I wanted to try my life here with Colt first, I want to move to a “Biggie house” and make sure the relationship will work out before I bring her.

I also want to open my business to be able to support my daughter.

Larissa did not mention her rumored third child — and I wouldn’t bring that up except that it seems like it would be easy for her to simply state that she does not have three children. Larissa also does not mention being married previously, which is listed on her US marriage license. The license lists a date of August 18, 2011 for the previous marriage, but it does not clarify whether that was the date they got married or the date the marriage was dissolved. That was roughly ten months before Larissa’s son with Marcos was born, according to online records.

In a separate conversation via a fan Q&A in her Instagram story, Larissa revealed that she doesn’t want to have any more children. When asked why, Larissa explained: “Because first I have to honor my commitments in Brazil. Second have a career and I’m not young anymore. Plus Colt never wanted to be father.”

Larissa wasn’t the only one opening up this week, as her husband Colt shed his trademark dry wit armor to reveal that he struggles with depression. The admission accompanied one of Colt’s illustrations — this one of an orange cat:

Colt’s caption:

I have dealt with depression for most of my life either directly or indirectly. It truly is a daily struggle and more often than not there are more defeats than victories. My dearest hope is that if you are reading this and you suffer too then you try to reach out to someone. You simply can’t ignore the problem and hope it goes away. And if you fail today in solving the problem then remember tomorrow is another chance.

Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also more hard to bear.

Colt continued to leave his guard down as he responded to comments:

COMMENT: How can you be on TV and social media if you suffer from depression?

COLT: should I lock my self in a room and never do a thing? Life must continue

COMMENT: Larissa complaint is that you give all your attention to the fans and being online 24/7 & She’s depressed herself. Have you thought of doing something fun as a couple, go on a cruise, travel, do things together and focus more on the relationship (some things aren’t so expensive like bowling) Perhaps will help? ??‍♀️

COLT: I understand Larissa’s complaints but from what I learned recently — it is nigh impossible to try to convince someone if they have their minds set. They will either be unwilling or unable to see things differently. I love Larissa and I am trying my best.

COMMENT: Colt, your dry sense of humor is hilarious, your mom is equally funny. Larissa is a funny beast! Why would you choose to go on a reality show to be ridiculed by the haters?! You know it’s bound to take a negative effect at some point!

COLT: negative effects will come to surface sooner or later regardless of the choices you make.

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I will try to lighten the mood a bit by signing off with an image I created while live tweeting last week’s episode which turned out way better than I could have expected:

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