Duck Dynasty’s Ms. Kay Robertson throwback photos from childhood and high school

Duck Dynasty Ms. Kay Robertson throwback photo as a teen

Duck Dynasty Season 4 kicks off tomorrow night with a one-hour special that includes a special surprise vow renewal ceremony for Robertson family patriarch and matriarch Phil Robertson and “Ms. Kay” Robertson to celebrate their 49th anniversary. In honor of the momentous occasion, I thought I might hop in the ol’ virtual time machine for a trip down memory lane with some throwback photos of Ms. Kay — most of which were taken long before any of the Robertson men had sworn off razors.

Up top is my FAVORITE Ms. Kay photo ever, a sentiment shared by her daughter-in-law (Jep’s wife) Jessica Robertson who posted the photo online with the caption, “Favorite pic of #mrs. kay as a teen. beauty, kindness & class, love my maw-in-law & dear friend #blessed” Actually, Jessica clarifies that it is her favorite photo of Ms. Kay “as a teen,” which is an important distinction. Either way, both of us love the photo and apparently both of us love the photo more than this photo of Ms. Kay as a teen from her high school yearbook!

Ms. Kay Robertson high school yearbook photo

And here’s another photo of Ms. Kay as a teenager with her boyfriend at the time (and future husband and reality show co-star) Phil Robertson:

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson and Ms. Kay throwback photo from high school

Just in case the pictures of Ms. Kay as a teenager weren’t throwback enough for you, Jessica also shared this next childhood photo of her mother in law with the description, “Kay back in the day! Beautiful then & now! #mrskay #beauty”

Duck Dynasty Ms. Kay Robertson childhood photo

How awesome is that?!? Lil Ms. Kay y’all! If that don’t make you happy, happy, happy I don’t know what will, Jack!

OK, let’s fast forward a little bit to what looks to be about 2000 judging from Jep’s clean-shaven teenaged face. (He looks to be about the same age as he was when he was dating Jessica — you can see photos from that time here.)

Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson Ms. Kay Jep Robertson before the beard throwback family photo

Phil’s beard is just beginning to show signs of gray — probably due to the fact that he had already suffered through Willie’s teenage years (which, judging from the show, are still ongoing!).

We will wrap things up with a photo from Ms. Kay and Phil’s vow renewal ceremony, which seems perfectly fitting. 🙂

Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson and Ms. Kay Robertson vow renewal ceremony

You can see lots more photos from Phil Robertson and Ms. Kay Robertson’s vow renewal ceremony here. And you can see lots more of the entire Robertson family by tuning into Duck Dynasty on Wednesday nights at 10/9c on A&E!

* Don’t think we slighted Phil Robertson in our throwback tribute in honor of his and Ms. Kay’s vow renewal — you can see photos (and a video!) of his quarterbacking days at Louisiana Tech and take a step further back to see photos of teenaged Phil as a member of his high school baseball and track teams!

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