‘Iconic’ YouTuber Emilia Fart reveals what she looked like before she became Emilia Fart

YouTuber Emila Fart is known as much for her “iconic” over-the-top look as she is for her piercing wisdom. In today’s video, she shares some throwback photos of herself as a young girl, and the difference in her appearance is striking. After showing images of herself as a teen and young adult she shares that her current appearance — including her green hair, over-the-lip Kylie kits, orange eyeshadow, boas, and “Judge Judy robes” (to use her own words) — is who she really is.

“This is gonna sound f**kin’ dumb,” Emila says, taking care to make herself relatable. “But the dumbest part is how sincere I am about it. I haven’t always looked like this, but this has always been inside me.

“For years,” Emila goes on, “I worked really hard, in my own way, to be palatable. To be f**kable. To be wanted by dudes. Which was the currency I thought you had to have, as a woman, to have value. Devoting a large part of my energy to trying to palatable hid light within me that I didn’t know was there until I stopped trying to be digestible to other people.”

Emila goes on to say that even though she is still very insecure and has a lot to work on with herself, she accepts her insecurities and “light.” Honestly, Emilia’s whole persona seems to be oozing with carefree confidence, but if you listen to her videos it’s clear that she’s fighting the same vulnerabilities with which most humans struggle. The difference is that Emila is also confronting them. The concept of accepting insecurities is a daunting one, but those insecurities are still with us whether we accept them or not.

The costume Emilia wears is a bit clownish, and is still a way for her hide. But it’s clear that the costume also helps Emila be her true in front of a pretty large audience. Thank you, Emilia, for helping the rest of us human strangers realize we’re not alone.

In this epic video from last December, entitled “Is Emilia Fart a character — or is she real?”, Emilia also addresses her common themes of identity and insecurity. “What doesn’t make me feel good about myself is trying to convince other people what I want them to think about me,” she says.

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