VIDEOS Double Divas’ Loren Schaffer moonlights as a pop singer for The Coedz

Double Divas Loren Schaffer

On Lifetime’s hit show Double Divas, Loren Schaffer stars as the adorable sales assistant at Cynthia Decker and Molly Hopkins’ store, LiviRae Lingerie… And by “adorable,” I mean super sexy and talented. This girl is way more than a bra fitting specialist!

By night, Loren entertains with Atlanta-based group The Coedz. In addition to Loren “The Diva,” the self-described girl power trio includes Kenzie “The Attitude” and Ashley “The Sweetheart.”

The Coedz Members and Coedz Songs

According to The Coedz’s Reverb Nation bio, the group provides uniquely energetic and electrifying performances based on their variety of talents.

Singers, dancers, models, songwriters, entertainers, party rockers, mean girls, fashionistas, social butterflies…Loren, Ashley, and Kenzie…Introducing The COEDZ! Their fusion of pop, edm, and hip hop will soon shake up the industry…and dance floors worldwide. Never in pop music history has there been a group in which all 3 sing lead, dance, write songs, and flip real hip hop vocals!

The talented ladies have earned a sizable audience and often put on shows around the region. They’ve performed at LiviRae Lingerie and even recorded the Double Divas theme song. (And, rumor has it that all three will make an appearance on the show this season!)

With her job at LiviRae and her gigs with The Coedz, it’s a wonder that Loren has any time to spare. But, she manages to maintain her status as a working model. In fact, it was through a lingerie modeling job that she first met Cynthia and Molly!

Loren Schaffer Model

It’s pretty easy to see why Loren’s so successful with modeling. Seems like only a matter of time before the folks putting together the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue give her a call!

Loren Schaffer Sexy Swimsuit Modeling

Speaking of success, Loren comes from a pretty talented family. Her sister, Lindzey Schaffer, is a professional skateboarder and the owner of her own business, the Ransom Skateboard Company. Even though their interests differ, the two sisters stick really close together. Lindzey is even set to appear on tonight’s episode of Double Divas.

If all those things don’t give you a good enough reason to tune into Lifetime’s Double Divas at 10/9 p.m., then I don’t know what will!

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