Mob Wives: Big Ang cancer update, plus Season Six preview and premiere party photos

Big Ang cancer update 2

Last night’s premiere of Mob Wives Season Six brought its usual share of drama and flair, but a fair amount of the attention took place behind the cameras, and focused on the latest Big Ang cancer update. Angela Raiola’s cancer returned late last month, and many of her and her show’s fans were left wondering what kind of role her ongoing treatments would play in Mob Wives‘ final season. Several sources indicated that the plan had originally been to end the show “on a high note–with the news that [Big Ang] had beaten throat cancer.” The latest Big Ang cancer update, though, has thrown a monkey wrench into those plans.

The first Big Ang cancer update came last spring, when the “lemon-sized tumor” on her throat was deemed both cancerous and potentially dangerous. Big Ang kept a positive outlook at the time, telling fans “I already have some BIG things in the world” and reminding everyone to “watch your health.” Two surgeries followed, and, for a time, things looked brighter for the Mob Wives star.

Last month’s Big Ang cancer update, though, brought news that the disease had returned–and the news was especially disheartening because it involved the cancer spreading to other parts of her body. It was just last October when Angela was deemed “cancer-free” by doctors, according to a variety of sources.

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Mob Wives co-star Renee Graziano told the New York Daily News that, while she doesn’t know how the show will end, her friend is always in her thoughts. “All I can say is that prayers are with her,” said Graziano. I hope for nothing but happiness and health and we pray that she recovers and that she’s back to just being Big Ang and enjoying her life.”

When asked if she had any new information about Big Ang’s prognosis, Graziano demurred: “That’s something for Angela to discuss–I really don’t speak on other people’s health and I don’t feel comfortable. I just hope for the best and hope that she’s ok.”

Of course, in the hours leading up to the Mob Wives Season Six premiere, Big Ang was all over social media–and was as blunt about her own outlook as fans have come to expect:

Big Ang also shared a photo of herself outside the official Mob Wives Season Six premiere party:

And it should come as no surprise that she continued to tweet updates throughout the night. Here’s a selection:

New cast member Marissa Jade also shared updates from her home premiere party:

Are you watching?! #Mobwives #Season6 #TheLastStand #VH1 #PartyTime #Premiere

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My right hands ?? @josephinecalco @jessieg71781 A photo posted by Marissa Jade (@msmarissajade) on

#YouAndYours VS #MeAndMine #OhWeTalkinTeams ?? #Mobwives

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At least one outlet expects the latest Big Ang cancer update to play a major role in the final series of Mob Wives, and suggests that Angela herself has been permanently changed by the last two months. It looks as if Ang has “no patience for having anyone who isn’t a positive influence in her life anymore,” according to that source, “which probably means that this being the end of Mob Wives is a good thing.”  

(Photo credits: Big Ang cancer update via Instagram, Twitter)

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